Reasearch Where You Spend Your Money, And Who They Are

A lot of companies are working against the best interests of their customers… Shouldn’t you know??

The idea for 2nd Vote — which has the goal of letting users “know where your money really goes when you’re buying something, eating at a restaurant, or supporting an organization” — started about a year an a half ago.

“I want to buy an airline ticket. I’m not there to buy a leftwing agenda with it.”

You research who you vote for before heading to the polls, so why wouldn’t you research where you chose to spend your money, thereby funding a company’s activism activity?

That’s what Chris Walker wants to know and is also why he created a tool to help conservatives, who might not realize some of the places they choose to shop might be funding initiatives against their values.

2nd Vote was launched at the Value Voters’ summit last weekend as app that informs users about the political and social activity of the companies they might be giving their business to. After being featured on Glenn Beck’s program on TheBlaze TV Tuesday, Walker said a flurry of visitors “stressed our servers to capacity.”


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