He Sure Can Campaign

Or spin the lies …

Sunday the New York Times had a similar article … TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Investor’s Business Daily: ObamaCare Website Troubles Are Just The Beginning.

Obama claims, for example, that the ObamaCare exchange glitches don’t matter to 85% of Americans who already have insurance and who, he says, are already benefiting from the law’s new mandates.

That’s not entirely true. Previously insured workers across the country have lost their jobs or seen their hours cut. IBD has been cataloging companies that specifically cited ObamaCare for making such cutbacks, and the number now exceeds 350, including more than 100 school districts.

The Hill: ObamaCare Website Debacle In The Spotlight.

“The disastrous rollout of ObamaCare’s insurance exchanges has brought into sharp focus the GOP charge that President Obama is better at campaigning than governing. Republicans have long needled the president as unable to convert adoring crowds and electoral momentum into inside-the-Beltway success, and the failures of the ObamaCare website has given them new ammunition.”


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