‘Fractivists’ Caught In Flood of Colorado lies

Truth clears the disease of liberalism. Having lived in Colorado for years, I knew it was a hoax from the beginning … And our lamestream media, just play along with the lies….

Massive storms dumped “biblical rainfall amounts” across nearly 2,000 square miles of Colorado last month, according to the National Weather Service. Having lived in Colorado for years … I knew it couldn’t be true from the start.

The raging floods that followed killed at least eight people, damaged or destroyed nearly 2,000 homes, and wrecked more than 200 miles of state highways and 50 state bridges.

The Denver Post ran a front page aerial photo headlined, “Front Range Flooding: Oil spilling into mix,” showing a trashed stream bed with brown stains near a “damaged tank” that “leaks crude.”

Opportunistic flocks of Big Green eco-vultures already embroiled in five local anti-fracking ballot measures pounced on the tragedy as a propaganda vehicle.

Their basic strategy was to pose as “mom-and-pop victims with no money to stop this spilling, but Big Bad Oil is putting zillions into the campaign.”

In fact, the opposite was true


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