Circle Of Lies …

MESSAGING: Administration denies halting spying against American allies.

A senior administration official on Monday rejected Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein’s claim that the U.S. has halted intelligence collection against its allies.

In a statement released earlier Monday, the California Democrat said that the White House “has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue.”

But the administration official called that statement “not accurate.”

“While we have made some individual changes, which I cannot detail, we have not made across the board changes in policy like, for example, terminating intelligence collection that might be aimed at all allies,” the administration official said.

After the administration’s statement, a spokesman for Feinstein clarified that the senator intended to say that the U.S. was ceasing “collection on foreign allied leaders.”

Apparently it’s going to take some time to sycn up the lies .



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