Reagan Conservative, fisherman, conservationist, and computer hardware and software design engineer. Do those things go together? Sure as a fisherman I have a deep appreciation for the environment and the health of all species that make it home, including man. I typical fish catch and release, with the snook and tarpon being my favorite fishes. Favorite place to fish, the Everglades National Park, a unique place in America — A place to be revered and shared with all future generations. Hell’s bay is the best place on Earth, for shallow draft boats :-).

Engineering trains you in deductive reason, giving you skill, the ability to ferret out farce among facts. We should all be Conservationists and in my opinion Conservative. I am an American first, Conservative second. Patriotism means defending America’s capitalism, freedoms, liberty, Constitution and the Institutions that make America great. I value service to our country in the Military Forces, they are tops in my book.

If you don’t Linux, you are making a big mistake. Ubuntu is my favorite desktop, with Oracle(Sun) Solaris my favorite server OS. Get yours today, the price is right. Right now I am liking the latest Ubuntu, and considering how to install it on my laptop. My desktop is getting a workout from all the unwelcome viruses shipped my way.

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  1. gatias says:

    Hi Tarpon,

    I wanted to send you an email instead of doing this as a comment, but I don’t see an email address listed.

    Anyway, your site has become a staple for me, and I so appreciate the clarity you provide.

    I myself, after many years in a technical field would like to switch gears an do a little radio. Ideally a conservative/populist show at night. Most conservative radio is in the day, but I think with the right format and person a night show could work as well. I’ve put together some podcasts to get my voice out there. No editing or even notes, just turning on the mic and going. Anyone can edit a perfect show, radio requires the ability to free-flow, and if you trip over your own tongue you have to keep going.

    Anyway I’m trying to get some hits going, was hoping you could be kind enough to give me a listen, and if you like what you hear to pass it on.



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