Watts Finds The Truth

October 24, 2011

You may guess that Watts discovered Al Gore’s experiment had more to do with video editing than science, because one of those things is hard. And Al’s done it before. To be fair, Al couldn’t find a scientist to help with the hard stuff, but he did find a guy who played one on TV.

Read the whole thing, it’s a thorough effort to replicate the Gore video. For those pressed for time or wondering where the next hottie is, here’s the conclusion. Enjoy:

The experiment as presented by Al Gore and Bill Nye “the science guy” is a failure, and not representative of the greenhouse effect related to CO2 in our atmosphere. The video as presented, is not only faked in post production, the premise is also false and could never work with the equipment they demonstrated. Even with superior measurement equipment it doesn’t work, but more importantly, it couldn’t work as advertised.

The design failure was the glass cookie jar combined with infrared heat lamps.


New Zealand Enters The Icebox…

August 16, 2011

Polar blast brings snow to downtown Auckland for first time in 72 years...

…city’s coldest day on record’

Kiwis flummoxed by significant snow

WELLINGTON: New Zealand is shivering through a one-in-50-year polar blast that has brought snow to much of the country, the weather service says.

A bitterly cold southerly blast has caused snow to fall in areas of New Zealand which do not usually receive it, making roads impassable in many areas on both islands, closing airports and cutting power to thousands.

Staff at Wellington Zoo took advantage of the first major snowfall in the capital for 40 years to give the visiting penguin ”Happy Feet” a dip in an icy saltwater pool.

The Green Reaper, Hunting Birds

June 12, 2011

Mark Lynas has a must-read article about the impact of wind farms on bird populations.

I think wind farms are potentially the biggest disaster for birds of prey since the days of persecution by gamekeepers, and I think wind farms are one of the biggest threats to European and North American bats since large scale deforestation. The impacts are already becoming serious for white-tailed eagles in Europe, as is abundantly clear in Norway.  A wind farm – built despite opposition from ornithologists – has decimated an important population, killing 40 white-tailed eagles in about 5 years and 11 of them in 2010.  The last great bustard in the Spanish province of Cadiz was killed by a wind development.  In my experience, some “greens” are in complete denial of these impacts, or hopefully imagine that these bats and birds can take big losses: they can’t because they breed very slowly.

The question for readers —  how much responsibility does Mark Lynas bear for this disaster?

MetBard: The Hockey Stick In Art And Literature

January 11, 2011

One of Josh’s finest graphic flourishes: As England fests in snow up to their …

… Just a slight adjustment you see, winter becomes summer, as long as no one notices all the snow piling up. Which is an unfortunate turn of events.

Well at least there is to comfort that global warming will produce desertification of the Australian continent, where the floods of the rains that never end is … wait something has gone wrong, and surely it isn’t the UN IPCC scam, is it not still operative?

The Global Warming, Just Won’t Stop Failing

November 28, 2010

The sun is on holiday — ‘Stay indoors!’ Police warn Britons to stay off the roads as temperatures fall to MINUS 10C and 15 inches of snow falls….

It’s the worst widespread snow for 17 years

  • Police urging people to stay indoors as the freezing conditions set to continue for weeks
  • Two people injured in four-vehicle pile-up on M1 near Sheffield
  • Man dies attempting to save dog in ice-cold river

Freezing weather will grip Britain for weeks to come, forecasters warned tonight – with rain, sleet and snow expected across the country.

Read more:

Global Warming Carbon Trading Scam: Shuttered CCX

November 6, 2010

Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past 15 years. But it is dying a quiet death. In a little reported move, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced on Oct. 21 that it will be ending carbon trading — the only purpose for which it was founded — this year.

Although the trading in carbon emissions credits was voluntary, the CCX was intended to be the hub of the mandatory carbon trading established by a cap-and-trade law, like the Waxman-Markey scheme passed by the House in June 2009.

So there you have it … Earth has been fixed. Snow to soon follow. How did we do it? Exposed the hoaxers!!! LOL

More here:



Global Warming Lie Kaput: Now New Lie, “Global Climate Disruption”

September 17, 2010

When your lie fails, rename it and try again … So exactly how dumb do they think we are?

American Thinker writes the epic fail of global warming — eulogy:

John Holdren, our official fraudulent “Science Czar” for our equally mendacious President, has dumped “global warming” as a “dangerous misnomer.” Ah, yes, that would be it then. It’s not the facts but the words that are wrong, says America’s official Doctor Science.

In scientific terms this means John Holdren has run up the white flag and is begging for mercy. “Warming” is something we can measure scientifically. “Global Warming” is a lot more speculative, but with satellites, weather balloons, and plenty of ocean buoys, we now know that it’s just wrong. Global Warming has been shot down in flames by scientific skeptics who resorted to an unfair tactic called “facts and observations.”

The wild hypothesis of “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming a 100 years from now,” is so obviously harebrained sci fi that no sane person can believe in it.

Dr. Holdren’s newest brainstorm? Forget all that warming stuff. No, we are now supposed to believe in something called “global climate disruption.”

And with that I can say, the latest hair-brain sci-fi is equally as hair-brained as Jimmy Carter’s synfuel was. It’s more non-science made up to try and extract more taxes from the unwary and ignorant.

You got to hand it to the lefturds, when they fail, just change the words and proceed. I wonder how much longer sane people will stand for this crap.

What say you America, you this dumb?

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