Obama: How To Raise The Oil Price And Raise Gasoline Prices

May 12, 2011

One of the first actions the Obama team took when it assumed office in was to direct Secretary of the Interior Salazar to cancel 77 shale oil and gas leases in Utah. The next year they canceled 61 onshore leases in Montana. TheGreen River shale formation in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, has an estimated 800 billion barrels of oil, which is three times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. Federal law prohibits drilling for most of these resources. In the Bakken oil shale formation in the Dakotas, there are an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil.

In the Marcellus shale formation in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York, there
could be as much as 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the largest natural gas field in
the world.

This chart from the US GeologicalSurvey …

How about that hopey changey thing working out for you? You like the $4 a gallon gasoline? Thank Obama.

As this charts below shows, the USA has all the fossil fuel it needs for 100s of years.

And then the other day Obama said that the USA production of oil is the largest ever. Well that was just a lie …

Peaked with Jimmy Cater as as he shut production down it’s been going down ever since. So isn’t the real question why does the USA give hundreds of billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia each year?

Shale Gas Rush: Europe the new frontier in shale gas rush

March 8, 2010

While reading, remember that natural gas can be refined into liquid transport fuels, and CH4 can be used as a hydro-carbon feedstock for most refining applications. For instance, very high-grade ‘synthetic’ oils are easily made from natural gas, in fact a major synthetic oil plane was recently brought on-line in the Middle east Gulf.

In today’s financial times: The dash for unconventional gas deals by the oil majors signals a shift in strategy in the hunt for new sources of energy. FT Reporters assess the prospects for the main sources of these forms of oil and gas

All across Europe big oil companies are scouring millions of acres of countryside and buying up rights to tap the natural gas trapped in prehistoric shale beds thousands of metres below its surface.

The shale gas rush has made its way over from the US, where breakthroughs in technology have allowed companies to extract gas from reservoirs previously seen as untouchable.

The newly accessible US shale deposits are so big that executives now believe the country has enough gas to last it for a century. This extra supply and the US’s new found self-sufficiency has created a worldwide gas glut that has driven down prices.

Fracking … And What It Has To Do With Your Energy Future

February 18, 2010

The next big liberal hoax? Shut down natural gas production? Would Obama want to stop new natural gas production in the USA?

Environmentalists and the natural gas industry are getting ready for a battle in Congress over something known as hydraulic fracturing. “Fracking,” as the industry calls it, involves injecting of water and chemicals deep underground to pry out gas that’s locked away in tight spaces. One of the “chemicals” used is CO2. CO2 is used to loosen the grip of oil on the surrounding rocks to increase oil production. Oil and natural gas are generally found in the same areas underground.

Environmentalists want the federal government to regulate the practice because, in some cases, fracking may be harming nearby water wells. The industry says regulation should be left up to the states. Proof, we want proof, not anecdotal evidence, as the UN IPCC seems to like to use.

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Democrat’s Oil Drilling Ban Is Costing Americans Dearly

February 15, 2010

How much money is the US losing by maintaining its de facto drilling ban on the coasts and the explicit ban on drilling in ANWR?  The SAIC Corporation studied the question, in part funded by the oil industry, and claims that the American economy will lose over $2.3 trillion dollars in opportunity costs over the next two decades…

Energy Crisis Is Postponed

October 14, 2009

— As new gas rescues the world … Burning rock, or at least the natural gas trapped within. Natural Gas is Methane, CH4, the lowest from of hydrocarbon. One of the distinct advantages of natural gas is it does not contain the impurities that is dissolved in and carried by oil deposits. So natural gas burns cleaner, by definition. It still emits CO2 in about the same proportions, but it does not emit the other pollutants that are contained in oil, after refining. There is only so much that can be done to filter out the pollutants.

Remember, CO2 is not a pollutant, no matter what the Supreme Court has to say about it. Does your breath kill, well maybe it might offend others but not kill. And the offense is the ‘other’ things contains in your breath, because CO2 is odorless and tasteless.


Oil shale is rock containing deposits of oil and is pictured above  burning. Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah

October 10, 2009

The energy straight jacket the liberals have placed America in is a choice. It is not a fixed fact of life. We have a choice. And now that the liberals AGW hoax has been totally eviscerated, that choice stands bold in view of everyone, if you just look. We have it in our power, for example, to reverse the absurd de facto 30-year ban on new nuclear power plants and the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. We have it in our power to release huge domestic petroleum reserves by dropping the ban on offshore and Arctic drilling. We can release the oil in our huge domestic coal reserves by simply building modern improved versions of 1920s technolgy, coal to liquids refineries.

Do not doubt the complicity of the media in all this … But now, the media parrot has lost it’s voice, all the lies have lost it’s truth telling platform, and all the lies has wrought it’s destruction. Truth is where you find it, find it, and hold to the truth.

Because there is hope we will. With the DNC’s media parrot on it’s last legs, USA Today says sales of newspapers are down another 17% for the first six months of the year, the energy lies continue to spring forth. When are the American people going to realise our lack of energy resources – it’s a hoax and stand up.This time it’s the Captain Obama lies. It’s deliberate …

In the never ending quest for energy independence, we get this …

The Department of the Interior has frozen oil and gas development on 60 of 77 contested drilling sites in Utah, saying the process of leasing the land was rushed and badly flawed.

This is a choice, not a fact, not a necessity. A destructive choice nonetheless.

The 77 government-owned parcels, covering some 100,000 acres in eastern and southern Utah, were leased in the last weeks of the Bush administration. But the leases were immediately challenged by conservation groups, and in January a federal judge blocked drilling on the ground that the Interior Department had failed to follow its own procedures for reviewing the appropriateness of lands designated for oil and gas extraction.

An Interior Department review team then presented Secretary Ken Salazar with a recommendation that drilling be allowed to proceed on 17 of the 77 parcels. But it also said that the leases on eight parcels should be withdrawn and that 52 should be subjected to further study because of potential threats to wildlife and air and water quality.

The liberals have been lying about the ”energy independence” scam for decades, all the while blocking access to American resources. It’s a choice, a liberal choice, not a necessity.

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