Google Debuts New Caffeine Search Engine

August 18, 2009

Looks like Bing is heating things up in the search business, Bing now with about 30% of the search market, is making huge waves.


Google, owner of about two-thirds of the online search market, is betting that it has just the fix you need.  Amid concerns that its losing its edge over Microsoft’s popular new Bing search engine/algorithm, which will soon be powering second place competitor Yahoo’s search, Google has taken a step to silence its critics by unveiling a promising successor to its current search algorithm. Dubbed Caffeine, the caffeine new algorithm looks to give Google a much-needed jolt by delivering more results, and better results.

It’s beta, so you get what you get. But no doubt, Google is feeling the heat. I use Bing, have to admit, it does seem to return better hits on what I am looking for. Caffeine, still out on that. I think google search has been so cluttered up with advertising that it can’t move under the weight.



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