Federal Spending Through The Roof

October 18, 2009

CBO Chart:
obama deficit2

White House Chart:

The tricks and lies of rationed healt care costs — See that last number, lets say it just stays even for the next 10 years, that’s another $2500 billion dollars added to our deficit. Do you think it will come down? You are going to pay, dearly for this boondoggle.


Dear Leader Says It’s OK to Borrow More For Obamacare

June 10, 2009

Obama, after just yesterday touting Pelosi’s ‘paygo’ said the borrowing had to stop. Paygo is nothing more than another scam scheme, a way to massively raise taxes, as the Obama’s plan to load as much debt as possible on the backs of the American people, destroying freedom the process. But it’s OK to fund healthcare with more deficit spending. Didn’t Obama say healthcare was free?

Obama: It’s OK to borrow to pay for health care

Dear Leader and the Democrats haven’t spent enough to date. They want to borrow more to pay for their disastrous health care entitlement program. Here is the record so far:

See any Bush inheritance in the out of control Democrats spending? Democrats controlled Congress since Jan 2007, so it’ all theirs — Including the spike in 2008, which was designed to destroy Bush’s budget plans. Bush’s plan had deficits zeroed out by the end of 2008, as you can see by the steady process that was being made.

As a statement of fact, the recession began in the thrird quarter 2008. Recession being defined as two consecutive down quarters in GDP.

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