Earthquake Swarm Japan, Thru About 10 AM Sunday(EST)

March 14, 2011

UPDATE: The Japan Quake of March 11 has now been officially upgraded to 9.0.

The big one is in red … The red line denotes the pacific subduction zone.

The following map is time stamped about 24 hours later and about 80 earthquakes have been added since. A very active fault, which means was this the big one or is a bigger one coming.

Original Image With Clickable Data Areas — The map at the link has real time updates with GeoRSS.

Original Image With Clickable Data Areas

Earth’s plates have gone active for the time being. Usually a huge event like this triggers a lot of seismic activity around the world. Both Earthquakes and volcano … They are somewhat linked.

GeoRSS basics:

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