It’s Not Like 1984 At All, It’s More Like Watergate

January 27, 2010

Obama the Populist, to save the day — Well this isn’t going to be good news for the progressives. I guess they need another name change, like, hey I got it ‘Populist‘. Count the times Obama says he is a populist SOU speechifying tonight. Same thing the progressives did in the early 20th century, changed the words not the goals. What a disaster that was…

Michale Barone picks up the story: Democrats fall as fast as Nixon Republicans in 1974

New York Times editorialists can opine that the Massachusetts result had nothing to do with opposition to health care, but their life’s work is not in peril.

Democratic officeholders know theirs is. Some are heading for the hills. Four well-regarded veteran congressmen announced their surprise retirements in December; two longtime Democratic senators folded in January. Family concerns have suddenly become very pressing.

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