Gov Perry: USe USA Military To Help Mexico Defeat The Drug Cartels ?

November 22, 2010

A real solution to a real problem?

Attending a conference of governors in San Diego on Thursday, Rick Perry startled some by saying defeating Mexico’s cartels may require U.S. military intervention.

“You have a situation on the border where American citizens are being killed,” he told MSNBC. “I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military. I think you have the same situation as you had in Colombia. Obviously, Mexico has to approve any type of assistance that we can give them.”

That may sound extreme, but it underlines that Washington has shortchanged Mexico on even military aid that would help it win its drug war. It has also done little for border states such as Texas and Arizona that bear the brunt of the war, other than deliver lawsuits.

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Close The Damn Border

November 6, 2010

Build the damn fence — The war that is just inches away:

Mexican marines killed drug baron Ezequiel “Tony Tormenta” Cardenas in a ferocious gunfight at the U.S. border on Friday, a fleeting victory for President Felipe Calderon that is unlikely to quell raging violence.Around 150 marines backed by helicopters and soldiers fought running battles with members of the powerful Gulf cartel for hours in Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas, terrifying residents and briefly shutting border bridges.

Dodging grenades and coming under heavy fire from gunmen hidden in houses and shooting from trucks, the marines moved in on Cardenas, one of Mexico’s most-wanted traffickers, and killed him on Friday afternoon, the navy said.

“He died in a shootout with us,” a navy spokesman said.

Three marines and four gunmen were killed, the navy said. A reporter was killed after being caught in crossfire, local media reported.

Cardenas, 48, was the brother of former Gulf cartel leader Osiel Cardenas, who was extradited to Texas in 2007. He had a $5 million bounty on his head in the United States and ran the powerful gang with his partner, Jorge Eduardo Costilla, known as El Coss, who is still at large.

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