Palin Power: Changing The Debate, One Word At A Time

November 19, 2010

They laughed at Sarah, said she was well you know. The word wasn’t even a word. Well that’s easy to fix.

In the window at the Oxford University Press building on Madison Avenue Monday they have a window display for their Word of the Year announcement. How delicious! Palin’s ‘refudiate’. The good folks at the press chose wisely and showed that they are freely engaged in the world of ideas and ignoring politically correct restraints.

In the tweet that was heard across the Web, Palin asked Muslims to “pls refudiate” the Islamic community center being built two blocks from ground zero. On Monday, “refudiate” was named the top word of the year by the American dictionary. While the dictionary has no plans to add the word to its pages, the NOAD did have this to say about the buzzword of 2010: “from a strictly lexical interpretation of the different contexts which Sarah Palin has used “refudiate,” we have concluded that neither refute nor repudiate seems consistently precise, and that refudiate more or less stands on its own, suggesting a general sense of reject.

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