Terror Fear Speading

May 24, 2011

The Financial Times reports:

The brazen attack on a Pakistani naval air base has sent shockwaves through the nuclear-armed country, raising concerns about the military’s ability to protect sophisticated weaponry .

The ease with which six Taliban militants stormed the PNS Mehran base in Karachi, close to the city’s busy commercial airport, and destroyed two newly US-supplied P-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft has unnerved Pakistan’s military establishment.

The militants held off security forces for more than 16 hours, killed 12 naval personnel and injured 14. Their primary objective appeared to be some of the military’s most sophisticated electronic warfare equipment, as they wiped out Pakistan’s anti-submarine warfare capability in a single stroke.

Ghazanfar Ali, a former brigadier general, said the Taliban attack would “hurt Pakistan’s reputation as a nuclear weapons state” in the eyes of the international community, by emphasising the country’s vulnerability.

The nukes are next.

And if that wasn’t enough, apparently Mullah Omar escaped from his safe house, in Pakistan:

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Obama Kills Osama in Cold Blood?

May 5, 2011

Here is the Reuters headline: No resistance in “cold-blooded” U.S. raid: Pakistan officials

Osama bin Laden and his comrades offered no resistance when killed by U.S. special forces in a Pakistani town, Pakistani security officials said on Thursday.

U.S. accounts of what happened have changed throughout the week, and initial characterizations of a 40-minute gun battle have given way to officials being quoted as saying only one of the five people who were killed had been armed.

The White House has cited the “fog of war” as a reason for initial misinformation on whether bin Laden — who was shot in the head — was armed when U.S. Navy SEALs raided his compound in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad early on Monday.

Two senior Pakistani security officials, citing their investigation, said there was no firefight because the inhabitants never fired back.

“The people inside the house were unarmed. There was no resistance,” one of the officials said.

“It was cold-blooded,” said the second official when asked if there was any exchange of fire during the operation which, U.S. officials said lasted nearly 40 minutes.

Seems like our terror warrior allies are having a revenge hit.

New shrine forming at raided compound. So much for not allowing the body to be used as a shrine.

Bin Laden Shrine Fears As Tourists Flock To Death Compound

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan – US efforts to prevent a shrine to Osama bin Laden were under threat Thursday as several hundred sightseers flocked to the house where the world’s most notorious terrorist met his death.

Pakistan officials said the compound in Abbottabad where bin Laden was shot dead Sunday already became a tourist attraction and that there were no plans to destroy the building.

“I can tell you for a fact that it will become a place of tourism,” said Dr. Muhammad Azfar Nisar, the deputy civil chief of the city. “People are already coming here from as far away as Lahore to see the house, so why should we destroy the building? The more revenue, the better.”

Of well, at least we don’t get the death photos, until they get leaked.

So Much For Civilian Trials For Terrorists

November 18, 2010

Watching the Obama magic mystery tail implode. Has it occurred to people yet that Obama is not an American, and holds values, beliefs and ideas foreign to the average American? It’s what you get by depending on the news media to tell you what is news. Most Americans, at least those that have been here for a while, aren’t Communist.

Sean Hannity reports his sources provide credible inside information that Mr. President is demonstrating evidence of unhinging, obviously a surprise to those only now grasping his condition. Fox News Chairman, Roger Ailes stated that Obama, “has a different belief system than most Americans”.

Washington Post

NEW YORK — The first Guantanamo detainee to face a civilian trial was acquitted Wednesday of most charges he helped unleash death and destruction on two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998 – an opening salvo in al-Qaida’s campaign to kill Americans.A federal jury convicted Ahmed Ghailani of one count of conspiracy and acquitted him of all other counts, including murder and murder conspiracy, in the embassy bombings. The anonymous federal jury deliberated over seven days, with a juror writing a note to the judge saying she felt threatened by other jurors.

Prosecutors had branded Ghailani a cold-blooded terrorist. The defense portrayed him as a clueless errand boy, exploited by senior al-Qaida operatives and framed by evidence from contaminated crime scenes.

The trial at a lower Manhattan courthouse had been viewed as a possible test case for President Barack Obama administration’s aim of putting other terror detainees – including self-professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – on trial on U.S. soil

He was caught running from the bomb truck that blew up the embassy … So it’s not like he was guilty or anything. 224 people died in the bombings. What now Oduma? Your trial balloon has popped.

Fuel Air Bomb Found At Times Square

May 2, 2010

It was amateurish, but if it had gone off … It was similar to the London bombings, where propane and gasoline were to be set off, but didn’t. A huge fireball is created by such a device, in the busy Times Square Saturday night, it could have been very bad.

Police officials said a witness reported a running Nissan Pathfinder with Connecticut plates, with smoke coming out of the back. A bomb squad robot popped the back latch of the Pathfinder, and officers found what they initially believed was a bomb. The vehicle was found to contain explosives, gasoline, propane and burned wires, a Fire Department officer told Reuters.

No word which Jihad group is responsible, but it is a taste of things to come with the still scheduled Obama show trials for NYC.

More at Fox News.

Obama: Polling At Lowest Approval, Yet

February 8, 2010

Independent voters see Pres. Obama in a negative light by a nearly 2-1 margin, according to a new Marist College survey, while almost half of voters say he has failed to meet their expectations.

The poll, conducted Feb. 1-3, showed just 44% of registered voters approving of Obama’s job as president. 47% disapprove. But among indie voters, Obama’s approval rating sits at a terrible 29%, while his disapproval rating is at 57%.

Obama’s 44% job approval rating is the lowest he has scored in any non-internet poll since moving into the WH, according to a review of data compiled by Pollster.com.

Air Marshals Rush To Stop ‘Dozens’ Of Suicide Attacks

January 7, 2010

From the English UK Telegraph News:

Officials said intelligence reports and interviews with the Nigerian accused of trying to detonate explosives on a flight to Detroit, suggested other young men had been trained by al-Qaeda-linked groups.

President Barack Obama has reportedly ordered almost all the 3,200 existing air marshals, who are armed and work undercover, to be deployed to incoming flights by US airlines by Feb 1.

Of course Obama killed the armed pilots program.

You know our lamestream media is aware of this…

Britain Says It Passed Flight 253 Airliner Suspect Data To US

January 5, 2010

The system worked perfectly … And Obama went surfing instead of making sure the data was put into the watch list and the fellow was given extra attention. Our new found respect for Islamic bombers.

It was only a defective fusing that saved those people onboard flight 253, this time.

British intelligence passed on to U.S. authorities information about a Nigerian accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner but he was not singled out as a particular risk, Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office said Monday.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s name was included in a dossier of people who made contact with known extremists in the United Kingdom but officials believe he was radicalized after he left the country in 2008, according to Brown’s spokesman, Simon Lewis.

But pour so-called president putting on his best ‘two year old child act”:

“However, White House sources disputed the Downing Street account, stating that it was “a mistake” and no such intelligence information was passed by Britain before the attempted Christmas Day attacks. The White House declined to respond officially.”

Will they ever stop acting like petulant children in the Obama administration — In a word no, because that’s how they see the world, through the eyes of a child.

The disclosure came a day after British security officials said they were aware that Abdulmutallab was in contact with known radicals shortly after he came to the U.K. in 2005 but did not consider him a sufficient threat to single him out and alert U.S. authorities.

Investigators say Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian who studied in engineering in London and later went to Yemen, sneaked an explosive device aboard his Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day but was not able to ignite it as planned.


Reality …

Cheney’s Secret Plan …

July 13, 2009

Cheney kad a secret plan to capture and or kill al Qaeda operatives, so says the WSJ: CIA Had Secret Al Qaeda Plan

A secret Central Intelligence Agency initiative terminated by Director Leon Panetta was an attempt to carry out a 2001 presidential authorization to capture or kill al Qaeda operatives, according to former intelligence officials familiar with the matter.

The precise nature of the highly classified effort isn’t clear, and the CIA won’t comment on its substance.

According to current and former government officials, the agency spent money on planning and possibly some training. It was acting on a 2001 presidential legal pronouncement, known as a finding, which authorized the CIA to pursue such efforts. The initiative hadn’t become fully operational at the time Mr. Panetta ended it.

But isn’t the real story, Cheny and the CIA working to keep America safe, AND THE DEMOCRATS CANCELED IT.

So now I guess we won’t pursue al Qaeda operatives. How cool is that. Always read top the end of the articles and draw your own conclusions.

Do You Remember ?

June 5, 2009

Jimmy Carter, the best friend of world terrorism in modern times ever. What was Jimmy Carter’s claims to fame, first he gave Iran to the Muslim Mullahs that now rules Iran —  So they could have a state and lots of money to terrorize the world. Out of this has sprung lots of good things, not the least of which is Hamas and Hezbollah to surround and terrorize Israel.

And he gave Zimbabwe to Mugabe, but that travesty has been mostly off the world stage since Mugabe is only terrorizing black Africans, and the white population of Zimbabwe,

So now comes the Jimmy Carter Act II:

Fox News: In an apparent policy shift, President Obama on Thursday invited Hamas — a designated terror organization — to “play a role” in the future of the Palestinian people. During his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo on Thursday, the U.S. president bluntly recognized the group, which has called for the destruction of Israel, in a two-sentence passage that was part of a broader discussion about the terms for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. “Hamas does have support among some Palestinians, but they also have to recognize they have responsibilities. To play a role in fulfilling Palestinian aspirations, to unify the Palestinian people, Hamas must put an end to violence, recognize past agreements, recognize Israel’s right to exist,” Obama said.

Video here.

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