If You Think The USA Is An Isolated Case : Blizards Threaten Chinese New Year Rush Home

February 10, 2010

Heavy snow and blizzards across a large swathe of northern China have closed major roads and airports as millions of people try to head home for the Lunar New Year holiday, state media said on Wednesday.

Stossel’s No-Spin Zones

February 1, 2010

When do you need heat worst, when it’s cold. To run the oil furnace, to run the heat pump and these days to run the blowers on the wood stoves. And when do the dumbarsed wind mills not generate electricity — When they get cold. Yes that’s right cold wind mills don’t turn, just when you have the highest demand for the electricity.

John Stossel reports: The problem is that the hydraulic fluid, which lubricates the turbines, doesn’t work. This fluid was designed for colder temperatures, but in that Minnesota cold, it doesn’t work, so neither do the windmills. But this is government, where throwing good money after bad is second nature. Rather than give up, there’s now a plan to heat the hydraulic fluid.

First it was the energy saving stop lights that are so energy efficient they refuse to melt the snow that gets on them when snowing, and now this. Isn’t green wonderful, it replaces technology that has reliably worked for decades with higher cost junk that doesn’t do what it is intended to do. That’s government for you, build junk that doesn’t work, and force people to use it.

BBC Abandons UN IPCC UK Met Office For Weather Information

January 18, 2010

Apparently somebody knows something, and so isn’t the question why they went along with the Fraud AGW for so long? The UN IPCC had relied on the UK/Met/ CRU for weather forecasting and global warming data.

The British Broadcasting Corporation has put its weather forecasting contract out to tender – the first time since its radio broadcasts began in 1923 – after taking heat from the public for a string of embarrassingly inaccurate long-range weather forecasts. The UK Met Office, the government-owned meteorological department that has had the BBC contract for almost 90 years, is a partner with the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University of Climategate fame.  CRU and the UK Met Office jointly provide the climate change data that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change relies on.

The BBC’s decision comes amid one of the fiercest winters in decades that has left the country unprepared for the snow-related chaos it has seen. In August, the Met Office had forecast a mild winter. Last summer, the BBC had again been embarrassed: Thanks to the forecasts it had received from the UK Met, the BBC had warned its audience of an “odds-on barbecue summer” that instead was cool and rainy. In both cases, the BBC has faced outrage from a public that had been misled by the information the BBBC had provided it.


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