Windows 7 Test Drive for Developers Launched

December 18, 2009

Windows 7 Test Drive offers developers a chance to get first-hand experience in developing for Windows 7, even if they don’t have Windows 7 installed, you can learn about developing on Windows 7 in a virtual environment. This experience provides user with a guided tour of Windows 7 features from a developer’s perspective with goal of engaging and enabling them to develop on Windows Platform.

All you need is a Windows Live ID to take a guided tour of Windows 7. The short virtual labs and supporting videos will give you chance to explore Windows 7 feature by feature. Try out a few of virtual labs and watch a few videos today to learn how and why you should develop on Windows.

First version of Test Drive includes majority of Windows 7 Training kit topics; For e.g.: Taskbar (without the Thumbnail Preview or customer switcher due the Basic Windows 7 Video Driver used to facilitate this virtual lab), Libraries, Version Control, Version Checking, Troubleshooting Platform, Windows Ribbon, Sensor and Location, and IE8.

Site is here: Windows 7 Test Drive site

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