Thank The Gods For ClimateGate

July 22, 2011

A panel of the US Congress on Thursday moved to bar foreign assistance related to climate change, defying President Barack Obama’s calls to contribute as part of an international accord.

In case you forgot, ClimateGate was an unauthorized release of emails from the East Anglia University CRU, center of the climate scam, which conclusively proved the whole AGW thing was a scam from the start. In their own words.

On a party line vote, the Republican-led House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to ban funding next year’s budget for Obama’s initiative to support poor nations in adapting to climate change or pursuing clean energy.

But the measure’s future is uncertain as other committees also have jurisdiction over climate funding including in the Senate, where Obama’s Democratic Party is in control.

Representative Connie Mack, a Republican from Florida, said he proposed the funding cut as “we have to prioritize US tax dollars.” Jean Schmidt, a Republican from Ohio, questioned if human activity was causing climate change.

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Who leaked the EAU-CRU emails remains to this day, unknown.

Oversold ?

June 27, 2010

“I think they’ve oversold this stuff, quite frankly. I think they’ve been alarmist and the science is in question…”– Senator Lindsey Graham, former supporter/designer of the Kerry-Leiberman-Graham cap and trade bill.

It’s all about money, never was anything else — Hence why it got oversold, everybody started drooling about all the cash they would be getting.

And tell me what moral integrity, not to say anything about character,  our newly known “sex poodle” now conveys? Should we just call Al Gore “poodle” from now on?

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Confirmed! Global Warming Is ‘Settled’ – As A Scam

April 21, 2010

‘Climategate’ author unveils evidence of ‘every deception imaginable’ … Story at WND here.

Monckton On Climate Hoaxers: “Jail The Lot”

March 11, 2010

Read more at the Canada Free Press.

The Emperor Isn’t Going To Like This

March 7, 2010

The Weekly Standard has this March 15, 2010 issue, chops busting article about the AGW Hoax meltdown. It’s a must read for everybody who doesn’t wish their electricity bills will double or triple for a pack of lies. The picture on the front of the magazine is the best cook-up of the nature of the man-bear-pig beast ever seen.

The story opens:

It is increasingly clear that the leak of the internal emails and documents of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in November has done for the climate change debate what the Pentagon Papers did for the Vietnam war debate 40 years ago—changed the narrative decisively. Additional revelations of unethical behavior, errors, and serial exaggeration in climate science are rolling out on an almost daily basis, and there is good reason to expect more.

Read the rest here: In Denial

The List Of Non-Peer Reviewed UN IPCC Crap Science Grows Longer

January 29, 2010

For today’s scam at the UN IPCC we give you ‘coral-reef-gate’. The ‘gates’ are continuing to open on the fraud that was formerly known as ‘man-caused global warming’. Seems like every kook in the world who had a beef got it into the UN IPCC AR4 report just to make it more scary for ignorant people. I think maybe that the intent of the UN’s report was to NOT DO THAT, ya know, the world’s policy makers were supposed to be given only real science and peer reviewed ‘best science’ available.

Not junk science  … Like they apparently did.

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Václav Klaus And Green Fascism

March 7, 2009

The second annual ECO:nomics conference came to a close at the Bacara on Friday, March 6, after conversations about clean energy funding, Obama’s energy policies, carbon emissions, and an assessment of how realistic the global green push is amidst a crumbling world economy. Not very realistic, it seems.

Václav Klaus, who is president of both the Czech Republic and the European Union, as well as the author of a book called Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What Is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?. The EU Presidency rotates among EU member states every six months. Klaus is a well known sceptic, former servant of Communism and one of the few freedom spokesmen on the world stage. His foormer standing as a memebr of the Soviet Empire should make his message one to heed for all time, but sadly many are trying to marginalize him and keep him on the sidelines.

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