A New Record

October 25, 2013

A new record: the most sea ice in Antarctica in 30 years by extent and by volume

Where did global warming go, a question that has been problematic for the left for years now …


Oops … Not Even Close

September 25, 2013

More global warming hoax, baloney …::: Arctic Ocean Predicted To Be Ice Free By 2013 — Oops!

2013 comes and is ready to go, and ice is higher everywhere.

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Global Warming Hoax: New Climate Report Obliterates UN IPCC And Warmists

September 20, 2013

The report is due … “fifth assessment report,” part of which will be published on Sept. 27, 2013.

With CO2 still rising, you would think???


The report, which cites thousands of peer-reviewed articles the United Nations-sponsored panel on climate change ignored, also found that “no empirical evidence exists to substantiate the claim that 2°C of warming presents a threat to planetary ecologies or environments” and no convincing case can be made that “a warming will be more economically costly than an equivalent cooling.” The U.N.’s panel is scheduled to release its next report next month.

From the report

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, or NIPCC, which produced the report, is described as “an international panel of scientists and scholars who came together to understand the causes and consequences of climate change.” Unlike the “United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is government-sponsored, politically motivated, and predisposed to believing that climate change is a problem in need of a U.N. solution,” NIPCC “has no formal attachment to or sponsorship from any government or governmental agency” and is “wholly independent of political pressures and influences and therefore is not predisposed to produce politically motivated conclusions or policy recommendations.”

The report blows away the Warmist hysteria regarding sea rise, temperature rise, melting glaciers, “extreme” weather, the Arctic, and every other bit of doom and gloom.

“We conclude no unambiguous evidence exists for adverse changes to the global environment caused by human-related CO2 emissions,” the authors write. “In particular, the cryosphere is not melting at an enhanced rate; sea-level rise is not accelerating; no systematic changes have been documented in evaporation or rainfall or in the magnitude or intensity of extreme meteorological events; and an increased release of methane into the atmosphere from permafrost or sub-seabed gas hydrates is unlikely.”

I’d highly recommend reading at least the Summary For Policymakers. The study focuses on actual observable data, rather than computer models, micro-reconstructions, and “normalized” data. Nor does it completely dismiss what Mankind does, but notes that our works are miniscule in comparison to natural variability.

*Note: the attached graphic is not from the report, but one that has been out that highlights the difference between the Warmist computer models and real world observations.

Industrial Grade Stupid

September 11, 2013

Obama’s Science Adviser Forecasts Arctic Ice Free Winters | Real Science

Six months of no sun at the North Pole, and the temperature won’t drop below freezing – due to a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in CO2.

You can’t make up industrial grade stupid like the Obama White House

Recently I reported on the latest Arctic ICE, from NSDIC. where since 2012, the Arctic Ice has added 920,000 square miles of new ice.

Phew …

Global Warming Hoax Sept 3 Version

September 4, 2013

North West Passage blocked with ice – yachts caught

The Northwest Passage after decades of so-called global warming has a dramatic 60% more Arctic ice this year than at the same time last year. The future dreams of dozens of adventurous sailors are now threatened. A scattering of yachts attempting the legendary Passage are caught by the ice, which has now become blocked at both ends and the transit season may be ending early.

Read more at sail-world.com …


Obama’s Global Warming Hoax Flopperama

August 4, 2013

Who knew it would be so cold in the Arctic this summer :  Unprecedented July Cold — Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record…

They are even going so far as to color all the weather maps in shades of RED… So you will think it is hotter than it is. Nudge anyone???

Most real scientists know the sun has gone to sleep on us. All they have to do is look up and see the sun … that big yellow ball of fusion in our sky, that warms the earth and insures all life on our planet. CO2 is plant food. Not pollution, without which all life on earth would cease to exist.

Pay attention to the Ap readings … The sun’s magnetic fields, and the earth’s galactic comic ray numbers. If you are interesting. I started my career in engineering doing solar research at Rice University in case you care …

Most solar scientist warn we are retracing to the Dalton Minimum and counting, so far …

Cooling It

July 30, 2013

So how does this works, and what are they manipulating now … You know it’s not real : FISHY: Debt Remains Unchanged For 70 Days…

That is approximately $25 million below the legal limit of $16,699,421,095,673.60 that Congress has imposed on the debt.

You will get your turn to figure it all out, it’s all going to be yours soon. So don’t cheer yet. You will figure out they have sold you into debt slavery in time.

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