Obama Didn’t Know???

October 28, 2013

Yeah right …

The Humiliation Is Complete: China Complains NSA Phone Taps “Violate Leaders’ Privacy”

While the “indignation” by America’s allies will come and go, the punchline in the overnight response to NSA’s ongoing reputational hammering came not from Europe, but from China.


Because when even China makes fun of your spying practices, it’s probably time to call it a ballgame.

And how about spying on the American people, IRS and the Tea Party. Does anybody know what it is that Obama might know except PARTY?

And what happens to the missing Obamacare girl, she was disappeared from the official website … You remember the girl right behind Obama at the Sham WOW Obamacare rollout? Was she the last Weiner girl?


What Happens When The Slaves Quit

October 9, 2013

Interesting predictament …:::  Young Chinese Workers Don’t Want To Work In Factories Anymore.

“Broadly speaking, this is a good thing for most Chinese, but for the country as a whole it’s a major shift, and it’s happening very quickly. The big question is whether it will be able to adapt soon enough.”

China is a communist country, so do the people have any choice?

The World Rebels …

September 11, 2013

India tells Obama, China to get lost on refrigerant phase-out | JunkScience.com

In a breather for domestic manufacturers of cooling appliances, New Delhi has succeeded in conveying to the G-20 that it will not compromise its interests on the issue of phasing out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are used in refrigeration.

Not as easy as lying to our people. If only they knew the truth. The sun creates and destroys ozone. and that is where the ozone hole comes from. It’s the balance of the sun’s long wave UV and short wave UV emissions. Look it up.

Ask yourself why does ozone disappear after a thunder storm. If you ask the reasearcher who pronounced the ozone hole, why he didn’t run the experiments before making the proclamation. he said”we didn’t think we had to”.

Well Isn’t This Rich

August 23, 2013



When will O be back on Leno, to say it isn’t so. Or knock down Ben Afleck as the new Batman.

I assumed the duped still hold out hope that Conservatives did this.

“Millennials” — Your adorations of O are widely misplaced.

Another useful article … Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution

32% of the respondents in the latest Gallup poll still don’t know what Obamacare is … I assume those are the signers of the Ben Afleck As Batman petition.

Why they are pedalling so fast to sell you, Americans Still Wary of, Not Too Familiar With, Health Law

Might at all be that those who are unaware, are the ones who will join those that are aware? The ones Obama wants to reach with his free education spiel? Or are they just to frightened to say so …

What free cheese has brought. Worked for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela too, but the free cheese never came. I wonder why? Why do I keep mentioned O’s best friend Hugo, well you know, right?

Looks like Al Qaeda is BAck

August 9, 2013

U.S. evacuates Pakistan because of ‘specific threat’…

Al Qaeda drives Iraq toward chaos…

Run my little kickball run away…



Change can happen, all you have to do is believe.


Think About It

August 1, 2013

When was it last that the president or the lamestream media told you about the sacrifices deaths in Afghanistan? Do you even know what we are fighting for. I thought we ended the war long ago? Or did we just allow it to be buried in our conscience?


Why don’t they tell you — Have you ever thought why not?

Out troops are just a bunch of no-names

But these are real people who are dying for us. And now even the friends are our enemy.

We have now suffered 2038 deaths in Enduring Freedom, since the start. And counting. Will the Afghanistan War outlast America and the Freedoms they were supposedly fighting for? Why the lamestream media silence???



This is what started it all … REMEMBER?

BUMMER As The Economy Trending Down Continues

July 22, 2013

BUMMER, who eats out anymore???


Let’s try these guys, to distract from our “JOBs, JOBs, JOBs pitchmen. Hey isn’t that him out front, or is it Trayvon?

Got to have a distraction!!! Don’t you know how it works. Think Chavez !!


So there go the part time jobs: SUMMER BUMMER: MCDONALD’S FALLS SHORT, WARNS OF TOUGH YEAR… Profits, go plunk….

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