Here We Go Again…

September 14, 2013

Assad has one week to account for weapons…
Arsenal must be destroyed by mid-2014…


You feel like this is a rerun? You are not alone, this is what the evil Bush did, and you know how evil he was, and how stupid his war for WMDs turned out.

You in??? How about you low information voters, you know the ones we used to call ignorant, but now don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth about yourself?

It’s time we just laid the truth on the line …


Putin’s Big Win

September 10, 2013

If you aren’t ROFLMAO This should be the cherry on top. Putin wants to be the power in the middle east.

Apparently bragging bout how unbelievably small the attack was … Putin has moved into the power broker spot in the middle east. Obomba got rolled by Putin. Where do you think gave Assad the chemical weapons in the first place. Well now we don’t want anybody to know that, now do we?

PUTIN: U.S. must call off strike…
Obama revises address to U.S….
‘Rebels’ oppose proposal…
MAG: Putin Didn’t Save Obama, He Beat Him…
Navy Deploys ‘USS Barry’ Off Coast of Syria…

And the cherry on top …

Russian Parliament Gloats as Putin Checkmates Obama Over Syria…

Putin finds a way to beat Obomba, Obama can claim it was “his really small attack” that did the trick. But Putin now has Obomba dialed in now, all he has to do now is make Obomba look like the winner and he can get anything he wants.

So why watch the speech… Why give the speech?

You Knew This Is What Islam Teaches, Don’t You??

September 10, 2013

Surely you knew, ddin’t the lamestream media tell you whats in the Koran???…::: Syrian Rebels To Christians: Convert to Islam Or Die! And why didn’t they???

Assad may be a bad guy who used chemical weapons, but the rebels in Syria are even worse.

If you didn’t know. you soon will. Sure turn in your guns to Big Government, then you will be defenseless.

This caliphate building For Our Obomba is getting complicated. Just hope the American people don’t notice what is really going on …

Checkmate, Not So Fast

September 9, 2013

US Refuses To Admit Checkmate By Russia And Syria, Redirects Purpose Of Military Incursion: Admits Regime Change Intention

Rice: “Our overarching goal is to end the underlying conflict through a negotiated, political transition in which Assad leaves power” #Syria

Haha you thought you had me Russia? Nope we want regime change.

Let me make this perfectly clear … #Syria.

You feel the goal posts shifting, yeah me too …


September 9, 2013


“This could mean Assad may not have personally approved the attack close to Damascus on August 21 in which more than 1,400 are estimated to have been killed, intelligence officers suggested,” writes Reuters which adds that it could not reach Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND) for comment on the story.

On the other hand, the radio intercepts add credence to Obama administration claims that those aligned with President Assad, not rebels, were behind the attack, according to the Guardian’s summary of the German newspaper report.

Shouldn’t we have the facts before running off and bombing another country?

There a certain fog rolling in … Let’s hide in the fog! Americans will fall for anything.


And do the Saudi’s want that pipeline across Syria this bad … Of wait they are Sunni Muslims. Or is it Shia Muslims, it’s so confusing when dealing with the middle east. Maybe if they all carried photo-IDs.

His Swaggering Words

September 4, 2013

The Syria debacle and the lessons of Iraq.Did we learn anything from the Democracy Project? Apparently Not … If you use the President’s logic, why not invade N. Korea, Large parts of China, And anybody else with chemical weapons in they’re arsenals. And other dictators around the world.

At least be consistent.

Can we invade them all, by the logic of our Federal Government we cannot invade them, because they just kill people the old slow way. But you use the new quick way, here we come.

Make sense to you???

Has anybody asked what do we do whan the terrorists in Syria get the WMD stockpiles???

JAMES TARANTO: Obama’s Cakewalk:

The appeal of Barack Obama in 2008 lay not only in his status as the only serious Democratic candidate to have opposed the war from the outset, but also in the belief that his conciliatory rhetoric, along with his “multicultural” identity (black, with Muslim ancestors and an Arabic middle name to boot!) would “restore our moral standing,” as the future president put it in his nomination speech, and usher in “a new beginning,” as he announced in Cairo in June 2009.

Obama’s supporters would now have us believe that his swaggering words are as powerful as his soothing ones were supposed to have been. . . .

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Assad Being Set Up?

September 4, 2013

Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs: Has this article that sheds lots of doubts, on who did in the Syria Chemical Weapons attack back in August 21, 2013. And he saying it’s the terorist in Syria, who are setting up Assad. Since most of the rebels are from one al Qaeda group or the other, do you doubt Yossef Bodansky???

And he also says the USA was aware of it, before the attacks took place. And what does that say about Obama now? We’re being set up it would appear.

Related: Sarajevo, 1995 and Damascus, 2013: The use of mass attack deception to decide wars

It’s been done before …

Would Obama lie, why not…

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