Armed Citizen Saves Female Neighbor From Violent Armed Robbery Outside of Her Home

September 22, 2013
It’s probably one of the most terrifying scenarios most people could imagine. You’re coming home after a long shift at work, thankful to have made good tips that night in a bad economy. The next thing you know you’re thrown to the ground, a gun is in your face and two thugs are pulling at your clothes… 
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Yes I have One OF These

August 6, 2013

It’s called “radar adaptive cruise control”, it’s a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee which is just a cheep Mercedes ML in disguise. Had it for near two years … It’s great. Jeep and Mercedes blended their technology contributions long before Chrysler went bust. What did Mercedes want the 4 wheel drive technology and suspension that jeep had, what did Jeep want the body structure and technology that Mercedes had.

So the two companies traded. And what emerged was the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is nothing like the decades older version and is completely modern. The dash even has iPhone technology which talks to you when your phone is in the car.

So to the point comes Radar Adaptive Cruise Control. Well it already saved me from a crash when another car darted out in front of me and without touching the brakes the car computers did all the work, slowed the car even before I could react, and prevented a crash. It works best when cruising the freeway, where cars speed up and slow down, and detecting those subtle speed changes can be taxing.

The robot car was born, not really autonomous driving but a start.

The radar adaptive cruise control, and it’s amazingly good … makes me feel like autonomous cars are closer than I thought, though there are many bugs to iron out before we get that far.

Wired has this story : The Ethics of Saving Lives With Autonomous Cars Are Far Murkier Than You Think

Autonomous driving … It’s all far closer to reality than you might think.


HOW Many People Were Killed by the EPA in the Ten Years the Since The First AW Ban Lasped

January 28, 2013

By far the biggest killers of Americans is traffic deaths. Why not ban cars?

Do you realize how many thousands of people were killed by the EPA during the tens years the AW ban had beenn allowed to expire, because it did not work?

Do you know how many 1000’s of lives were saved by CCW holders in the same period.

Low information voters, pay attention.

Why? Because their cars were too lightweight for the task intended. How many crashes when unintentional deathes resulted from ridiculous fuel economy standards. Because one of the most effective ways to meet EPA standards, is with lighter cars.

Remember physics does not bend well. F= ma. If you are on the wrong end of that you are gonna die. The only hope is a more weighty car.

I dirve a 5,000 lb. SUV, to just piss off a liberal the most. It gets a bout 25 MPG on the highway, because it is fulltime four wheel drive. About 18-20 MPG in city driving.

So why not ban cars, it would save far more lives than any wet dream AW ban would?

Whynot just issue all the people in the country their own little government approved rubber cocoon where they cab sit quitely all day and consume government propaganda? At least we would all be safe.

Chrysler Readies Nine-Speed Auto Transmissions to Cut Fuel Consumption

November 23, 2012

Pre-dates Obama and his stupid EPA … It’s been known for decades how to do this, just space out the gears for lower of-the-line grunt, then lower the cruise RPM with overdrive ratios for better fuel economy. The new Mercedes designed Chrysler built 3.6 liter six is the perfect engine for this match-up.

Jeep Grand Cherokee is set for the 8-speed up grade this coming January.

A 16% improvement in fuel efficiency is expected from nine-speed transmission

Automakers are pulling out all the stops and looking to squeeze every single mile per gallon out of their automobiles by any means necessary. Automakers are looking at more fuel-efficient engines with smaller displacements, but they’re also looking at reducing the weight of vehicles and increasing the number of forward gears used in car/truck transmissions.

Adding forward gears to a transmission makes a lot of sense because the slower the engine spins, the less fuel it consumes. In years past automatic transmissions used in vehicles commonly had four or five forward gears. More recent vehicles are moving up to six-speed and in some cases even eight-speed automatic transmissions in luxury vehicles. Chrysler is eyeing even more gears inside with nine-speed gearboxes for more mainstream vehicles.

According to Mircea Gradu, vice president transmission powertrain driveline engineering, Chrysler will roll out its first nine-speed transmission by the first half of 2013. “I’m convinced that, sooner or later, others will come up with similar solutions,” Gradu said in an interview from his office in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where Chrysler is based. “Hopefully, the time will be as long as possible until they catch up with the technology.”

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne believes that the automaker and its various brands will be able to meet looming fuel-efficiency standards by using technology that improves traditional gasoline engines combined with better transmissions rather than moving to plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles. CAFE standards will reach 54.5 mpg by 2025.

Michael Omotoso, a powertrain analyst at LMC Automotive, said, “They’re [Chrysler] doing basically the bare minimum to satisfy government regulations. Their strategy is to meet the standards with minimum investment.”

Bloomberg reports that the nine-speed transmission Chrysler is developing could boost fuel economy of certain models by as much as 16%. Chrysler has already scored a 15% boost in the highway fuel economy of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger by adding an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Source: Business Week

It’s a Twister: Smart Car Crash

September 23, 2012

Hey it gets 50 MPG… Wild ride, sort of like a bug splat on the windshield, bounces nicely

I my area I notice a lot of car wrecks…. the new designs=of cars seem to not crash so much as they do the turtle, when hit. We have a lot of swamps so our roads are high built to keep water down, so cars run off the roadway quite seldom and turn turtle…

BMW: Switches Some Small Models To FWD

March 26, 2010

BMW is transitioning, small new models will be fronts wheel drive. Basically repackaged Mini FWD models. Having owned BMWs for the last couple of decades — Yuck!.

The WSJ has a piece about the changes in today’s online WSJ, key points of which are:

Auto enthusiasts—including many automotive designers and engineering executives, as well as wealthy car buyers—generally prefer cars to have the driving wheels in the back. It makes a difference in the way a car handles and steers. That difference is instantly recognizable but hard to define.

… front-wheel-drive cars suffer from being pegged as relatively unexciting to drive. Driven hard into a curve, they tend to plow sideways. They can also be susceptible to annoying “torque steer,” which occurs when unequal amounts of power are sent to the left and right front wheels, causing the car to lurch in one direction or the other.

To survive in this new world, he says, BMW must build more small models without breaking the bank. Purists won’t like it, but that means sharing the front-wheel-drive systems of future Mini models with future subcompact BMW models.

Mr. Hall, the consultant, says the truth is that most drivers probably can’t tell whether they are driving one kind of car or another. As technology narrows the performance differences, he says, “luxury cars don’t have to be defined by which ends drive them.”

The last paragraph is for the ‘auto ignorant’ that BMW hopes will still stick with their brand.

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Toyota: Doing Well Despite The Congressional Inqusition

February 25, 2010

Despite this Congressional kabuki theater, Consumer Reports ranked Toyota as the third best car manufacturer. Not a single American manufacturer cracked the top 10 of overall best manufacturers including Government Motors.

Congressional hearing, short form.

The New York Post reported:

Honda and Subaru were ranked the best overall car manufacturers in the new Consumer Reports auto survey released yesterday — but recall-battered Toyota did surprising well, too, coming in a close third.

Honda and Subaru tied for first place with a total score of 77 based on reliability, performance, comfort and utility — while Toyota was next with a score of 74, the report said…

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