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October 28, 2013

Obamacare 100% Failure, By Design

It was designed to force people to a single payer medicaid solution, which is what is described in these following CBS reports.

CBS News, one of the only to allow investigative reporting on Benghazi, leads the charge again with negative Obamacare coverage and headlines like:

Launch of Obamacare Website – A Complete Disaster
Arrival of Obamacare Forcing Insurers to Drop Customers


Four Of Our Finest Died In a Terror Attack

October 28, 2013

And over a year later CBS gets to it …

CBS: Obama administration knew all along that Benghazi was terror attack

“60 Minutes” Finally Reveals Benghazi Was a Real Scandal & You Were Lied To

Al-Qaeda was operating in Benghazi for months before the deadly 9-11 attack in 2012. Of course, the mainstream media ignored this event.

On Sunday “60 Minutes” finally revealed that the Benghazi massacre was a real scandal, plotted by Al-Qaeda linked terrorists and that you were lied to by the Obama administration.

Black flag is fluttering atop courthouse: Al-Quaeda makes its presence known in Benghazi, 29.10.2011

Full link video here …

A Tweet To Make Your Day …

October 15, 2013
Fred Thompson        ✔ @fredthompson

New drones to make lethal attack decisions w/o human input. Hopefully not made by same company that did Obamacare sign-up websites.


Democrats Blame Game …

October 3, 2013

REPORT: WH rejected visit request…
PAUL: ‘Goons’ blocked landmark…
BARRYCADES: Park Service workers erect fences…
More guards than at Benghazi…

And put more guards to prevent veterans from using their open air memorial than they had at our embassy in Benghazi. Take that America, from your president.
NPS says Obama admin ordered closure… Not I , just following orders.
Reid blames Republicans… Of course, remember the srequester!!!
RNC offers to pay to keep open…

Get ready … As your death panels become reality … ‘WHY WOULD WE WANT TO’ HELP ONE KID WITH CANCER?

It’s A Start

September 30, 2013

Congress Set to Grill Phony CIA Employee.

“Two committees will hold hearings tied to a case in which a former Environmental Protection Agency official pretended to work for the CIA for the last 13 years and improperly billed the government for more than $880,000.”

Government corruption at the EPA.

But what about Benghazi, and our dead heroes.


Fasley Accused Filmmaker To Be Released Monday

September 22, 2013

Yes it was a dumb movie … Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker falsely blamed by for 2012’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, tells Breitbart News he will be released from prison Monday and will finish his sentence at a half-way house facility.

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Benghazi Scandal

September 21, 2013

Powerline’s SCOTT JOHNSON: Benghazi Scandal Management. “If the media were not a Democratic protection racket, of course, this would all be big news. But they are and it’s not.”


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