National Laughing Stock, Mayor Doom-Berg

June 7, 2012

New York City’s self-appointed nanny, Michael Bloomberg, has become a national laughingstock — deservedly so — for proposing a ban on large sugary drinks. But at the root of the controversy is a lesson in the dangers of government-run health care.

Sure, it’s fun to mock the arbitrary nature of the mayor’s proposed rules. For instance, the regulations would ban coffee with sugar above 16 ounces but allow a sugary cappuccino or latte of any size so long as it’s 51 percent milk. The rules don’t allow consumers to purchase a Big Gulp, but they permit them to have as many free refills as they want.

Bloomberg almost seemed to engage in self-parody when he mused on Twitter this week, “Is purchasing two 16 oz sodas too much of an inconvenience to help reverse a national health catastrophe?”

OK, I get it, it’s like the “green energy fairy” telling us how to eat.

You get it? Here is a picture to help you focus. If it looks a little like the movie 1984, can’t help you there.

Seen the movie yet “Green Submarine”???

Day 86, EPA Waives 15 ppm Stupidity, Big Gulp Goes To Work

July 14, 2010

Is there finally hope for the Gulf? Think “Whale Shark”, that skimmer feeder, swimming the oceans of the world, gathering up plankton. A barge manufacturer thinks he has the answer, so he has come up with the latest solution “Big Gulp”. The picture below shows how it works.

It’s just an offshore barge, with a collection skimmer all across the bow. Pushed through the oil with an offshore tugboat. The decanting part, oil separation, is done inside, with multiple settling tanks. Oil floats on water, remember that part from science class? You did take science, they do still offer it, don’t they?

The 300 foot long barge Big Gulp heading out, being pushed by an offshore tugboat, through oceans of oil floating on the water. Offshore barges have no engines, which is what makes them ideal for this decanting work.

Basically Big Gulp does it’s work by sucking in oil and water through the bow, into decanting tanks, allows the water to settle to the bottom, where it gets pumped overboard — Simple separation science.


The barge builder has plans for several more “Big Gulp” barges to be built, he is currently working on “Little Gulp” for shallower water use.

Read the story of American ingenuity and inventiveness, something total missing from the drones inside places like the EPA.

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