Our Incredible Shrinking Workforce

October 31, 2013

At least more are recognizing our growing problem … William Galston: Unless men re-enter the job market, prospects for vigorous growth in the labor force are dim.

Participation in the workforce is falling, the pace of job creation is anemic, and long-term unemployment remains stubbornly high. Many newly created jobs pay less than those that disappeared during the Great Recession, so real wages are stagnating, and median household income is no higher than it was a quarter of a century ago.

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Revealed: Al-Qaeda’s 22 Tips For Dodging Drones… (You Never Know, They May Come In Handy One Day.)

February 22, 2013

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Al-Qaeda’s list of 22 tips for dodging drone attacks – including at least one believed to originate with Osama bin Laden – has been found hidden inside a manila envelope in a building abandoned by Islamists in Mali.

The document includes advice such as “hide under thick trees” (believed to be bin Laden’s contribution), and instructions for setting up a “fake gathering” using dolls to “mislead the enemy”.

Like a fake wedding party, they come in handy for the lamestream media …

Found by the Associated Press in a building in Timbuktu, the ancient city occupied by Islamists last year, the document is believed to have been abandoned as extremists fled a French military intervention last month. It is a Xeroxed copy of a tipsheet authored by a Yemeni extremist that has been published on some jihadi forums, but that has made little appearance in English.

The list reflects how al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghbreb anticipated a military intervention that would make use of drones, as the war on terror shifts from the ground to the air.

The document also shows the coordination between al-Qaeda chapters, which security experts have called a source of increasing concern.

“This new document… shows we are no longer dealing with an isolated local problem, but with an enemy which is reaching across continents to share advice,” said Bruce Riedel, a 30-year veteran of the CIA, now the director of the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institute.

While some of the tips are outdated or far-fetched, taken together, they suggest the Islamists in Mali are responding to the threat of drones with sound, common-sense advice that may help them to melt into the desert in between attacks, leaving barely a trace.

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They are at war with us, while Obama naps.

Unclear on the concept: Darrell West, a warmist director at the Brookings Institution, attempts to use three feet of October snow in West Virginia as evidence that CO2 is overheating the planet

October 31, 2012

Confused in the snow covered wilderness, wandering aimlessly …

Sandy reminds us of climate change and other forgotten campaign issues – CNN.com

With flooding in NYC and 3 feet of snow in W VA, isn’t it time for candidates to address climate change and extreme weather,” tweeted Darrell West, a director at the Brookings Institution, a public policy think tank.

Let me just say if you think this storm was bad, you don’t read much history.

List of New York hurricanes

Was Sandy eve a landfalling hurricane when it came ashore. The NHC says it was not.

I think We Have Wasted Enough Money, How About You?

April 19, 2012

Resident Grist Warmist David Roberts says this graph should “make your blood run cold” (via Tom Nelson)

That’s from a new report — “Beyond Boom and Bust: Putting Clean Tech on a Path to Subsidy Independence” — from folks at the Breakthrough Institute, Brookings Institution, and World Resources Institute. It’s a welcome and much-needed attempt to put some numbers behind the debate over federal cleantech support.

It’s divided into three parts. The first tells the story of cleantech policy over the last five years. Early in his term, Obama unleashed a ton of support for cleantech, mainly via the stimulus bill, but also by funding some programs from the Bush era and earlier. At around $150 billion, federal cleantech spending from 2009-2014 will amount to over three times what was spent from 2002-2008. But that funding is dropping off a cliff:

“Even the Associated Press isn’t buying this.”

February 24, 2012

Here is their analysis:

President Barack Obama wants to close dozens of loopholes that let some companies pay little or nothing in taxes. But he also wants to open new ones for manufacturers and companies that invest in clean energy.

To some analysts, the new loopholes risk upending the level playing field Obama says he wants to create.

Some also fear that companies could game the system to grab the new tax breaks.

“The administration is not making sense,” says Martin Sullivan, contributing editor at publisher Tax Analysts. “The whole idea ofcorporate tax reform is to get rid of loopholes, and this plan is adding loopholes back in.”

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