April 12, 2013

Hurry, hurry hurry … who has time to read the bills??? Haste makes waste … Who needs that steenking Constitution anyway. It was just bad info don’t you see… Bad info???

In New York’s State Constitution owning a gun is a civil RIGHT …

The Blaze reports:

In a surprising turnaround, New York State Police have admitted that they made a mistake when they confiscated the guns and suspended the permit of an Erie County resident on the grounds of mental health.

Late Wednesday, Erie County, NY, released a statement (posted below) blaming the New York State Police for giving them bad information regarding the suspension of a pistol permit and demand to surrender firearms sent to Amherst resident David Lewis.

(Mr. Lewis was not identified in our original story, his name has since been released in conjunction with court documents filed by his attorney, Jim Tresmond.) Read the rest of this entry »

“Who Are The Police At War With?”

February 4, 2013

If these gun owners of western New York attending an information meeting in Buffalo on the NY-SAFE gun law are any indication, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has opened a huge can of worms that will have all sorts of unintended consequences. Who would have ever thought there would be talk of armed militias in an overwhelmingly blue state like New York?

I guess the sheep are not going to la down and take this crap… I wonder when Remington packs up and heads for a state which appreciates them. Ithaca did.

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