BATF Position On 3D Printing of Guns

May 9, 2013

You can do it like they do in Afghanistan. With hand tools, that’s how they make their AK-47s in Afghanistan.

Pretty straightforward. Anyone can make a non-NFA firearm for their own use, whether they use a milling machine and lathe, or a 3D printer.



May 4, 2013

About Obama’s GUNWALKER scandal. You know what I mean Obama and Holder shipping guns illegally to the Mexican drug cartels to heighten alarm in the USA from this? The scheme that badly backfired on the administration when the people finally figured it out. And our Border Agent was killed in the process, but one of these guns tracked back to the DOJs gun walker program.

Well it’s back As little Barry told his Mexican buds the gun shops in Phoenix were selling the guns to the drug gangs. Just an outright lie, and he knows it. 100s of Mexican Nationals died because of this Obama program.

A journalist’s guide to ‘Project Gunwalker’

This is a link to David Codrea’s articles about “GunWalker”.

We are told that background checks are needed for all people who seek to exercise their Second Amendment recognized, enumerated, rights. We are told that our rights must be restricted for safety. We are being abused. Our rights are being abused. Why isn’t the NRA snapping? All it does is this? Maybe that is because the NRA isn’t what many think it is. But I digress.

The NRA is the people.

Write it All Down — Make It Easy For US

April 7, 2013

ATF Seeks ‘Massive’ Database of Personal Info: Assets, Relatives, Associates and More…

Why not write it all down for us, it will make it much easier to confiscate all firearms. You know we will….

CNS dug this gem up for us:

A recent solicitation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) reveals that the agency is seeking a “massive” online database capable of pulling up individuals’ personal information, connections and associates.

On March 28, ATF posted the notice on, entitled “Investigative System.”  The solicitation was updated on April 5 with a few minor changes.

The document says that the system will be utilized by staff “to provide rapid searches on various entities for example; names, telephone numbers, utility data and reverse phone look-ups, as a means to assist with investigations, and background research on people, assets and businesses.”

The system is described as a “massive online data repository system that contains a wide variety of data sources both historically and current that can be utilized in support of investigations and backgrounds.”

The overview of the solicitation states:

Staff will utilize “a number of internal databases as well as external sources to provide timely and relevant information and intelligence products to law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels.”

The system “provides a means to rapidly check records across the country” and is “necessary in assisting investigators, agents and analyst to find people, their assets, relatives, associates and more.”

The ATF says they will use this system to provide information to Intelligence Analysts, Special Agents, Inspectors, Financial Investigators and Law Enforcement.

The investigative system will allow ATF to “obtain exact matches from partial source data searches such as, incomplete social security numbers, address, VIN numbers, etc.”

The system will also have the ability to “link structured and unstructured data to find connection points between two or more individuals.”

Nothing to fear from our want of details for background checks, is there? It’s not your money anyway. Heck they aren’t even your children either.

The good news, The BATFE wants to build a massive database of your online connections. Maybe then they’ll be able to figure out once and for all who’s been smuggling all those guns to Mexico.

What could possibly go wrong?

ATF Raids “FPS Russia”

March 28, 2013

Intimidation no?

“Nearly 40 law enforcement officers converged Tuesday on the property of a Franklin County man whose business partner was shot to death in January in a homicide that continues to trouble investigators,” reports.

“Federal agents, accompanied by Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents and deputies with the sheriff’s offices in Franklin and Hart counties, raided the Royston residence of [Kyle “FPS Russia”] Myers. Authorities also raided on Tuesday the 60-acre farm of Lamar Myers, Kyle’s father, in Lavonia . . .

No arrests were made, nor did Coes know if any explosives were seized. ‘The idea at one of the locations was to take firearms, but they did not do that,’ Coes said.”

Despite the sensationalism, the raid seems to have sweet FA to do with Keith Richard Ratliff’s assassination. Or does it? The Georgia Bureau of Investigation may have turned to their friends at the ATF to get a look around Kyle’s place as part of their efforts to ID Keith’s killer.

Anyway, the whole ATF side of the equation looks pretty damn weak.

To wit . . .

A person is required to obtain a federal explosives manufacturing license if they intend to engage in the business of manufacturing explosives for sale, distribution or for their own business, [ATF spokesman Richard] Coes said.

The ATF believed that Myers was violating this law.

“The claim is that he was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube,” Coes said.

Information found during the search could be presented to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, according to Coes.

The idea. The belief. Got it. Forty ATF agents stopping by to say hello to FPS in full SWAT mode.

Seems a bit excessive, no?

Bill Would Make Gun Protections Permanent

March 14, 2013

A bipartisan Senate bill preventing a federal shutdown would make four long-standing gun protections permanent, including one preventing the Justice Department from requiring firearms dealers to conduct inventories to make sure weapons haven’t been stolen, congressional aides from both parties said.

Another provision made permanent would prevent the government from changing the definition of antique guns, which can sometimes be easier to obtain than modern weapons. Two others would block the department from denying a license to firearms dealers who report no business activity, and require the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to include language in firearms data stating that the information can’t be used to make conclusions about gun crimes.

The Senate is debating the catchall spending bill even as separately, the Senate Judiciary Committee is moving in the opposite direction following December’s massacre of 20 children and six educators in Newtown, Conn. That panel has approved three separate measures aimed at curbing guns. It plans to approve a fourth on Thursday that would ban assault weapons.

Aides said that since at least 2004, the annual spending bill financing the Justice Department has carried six pro-gun provisions that Congress has enacted for a year at a time.

They say that for this year’s bill, the Republican-led House wanted to make all six of them permanent. In a deal, four were made permanent in exchange for the House dropping a seventh provision — opposed by Democrats — barring the government from requiring gun dealers to report some sales of two or more rifles and shotguns said to be popular with Mexican drug cartels.

The spending bill the Senate is debating is designed to keep the government from shutting down later this month. It would finance federal agencies through September.

Besides providing money, such bills often carry language affecting government regulations and policy.

The aides spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss lawmakers’ deliberations.


Is This You???

February 22, 2013

The DHS thinks you make a good target for desensitizing their agents on…


Aren’t you proud you are a target for DHS Training?

Agent Zapata Parents Lawsuit Charges Government Conspiracy And Cover-up

February 15, 2013

A comprehensive lawsuit charging government conspiracy and cover-up was filed Tuesday in the United States District Court Southern District of Texas Brownsville Division by the parents of murdered Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata and Special Agent Victor Avila, Jr., against the government, straw purchasers, individual government officials, gun dealers and others deemed to share in responsibility per the complaint.

Gun Rights Examiner has obtained copies of the Plaintiff’s Original Complaint and the related docket sheet. On first reading, the complaint appears to have the potential to uncover specifics about government-sanctioned “gunwalking” and those who authorized it beyond what has already been disclosed by House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearings and the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General investigation.

Read more here …

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