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October 14, 2013

Canada wants to force cable companies to unbundle TV

Canada’s cable TV subscribers could soon have the ability to subscribe to just the channels they actually watch: Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore recently said on a local TV show that his government is going to require pay TV providers to unbundle their offerings and offer TV channels a la carte, according to Reuters. Any such move would likely be watched closely by both cable companies and consumers in the U.S., where TV executives have long said that unbundling would actually make TV more expensive for consumers.

You are paying for what you don’t want ... That’s the definition of bundles.



Get Yours While You Can

October 9, 2013

Gov Motors exec warns of impending auto bubble…

FLASHBACK: GM ramps up risky loans to drive sales…

Yep, because it worked so well with home sales.

Roku Refreshes Their Entire Lineup

September 29, 2013

Roku, the company known for its range of home video streaming solutions, has announced an entire suite of new models. The company has streamlined its naming convention, as well as given a facelift to the look of all existing models, which it says will “simplify everything about streaming, right down to our product names.”

Roku has introduced three new models to go along with its top-of-the-line Roku 3.

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Meggase Movies, And The Death For Hollywood

August 4, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres to Host Oscars…


Won’t watch TV …

 … Sources say Friday’s domestic numbers are coming in lower than previously projected during the day for the Top Three films which are all based on comic books. (Maybe that’s why?) Total moviegoing looks about $120M or about +4% from last year. Emmett/Furla Films financed 2 Guns distributed by Universal in the U.S. only (into 3,025domestic theaters, with EOne releasing in Canada). It’s the #1 film and should remain so for the weekend. Helped by a ‘B+’ CinemaScore meaning audiences liked it much more than critics, pic is targeting $9.8M and a so-so $27M summer weekend. (Including a low $1.276M from Thursday late shows.) That’s a surprise …

The flopperamam continues for Hollywood, and they can’t seem to figure it out.

If you are a movie buff read before wasting your money … Me I am a Netflix and Amazon Prime buff, and don’t go to theaters anymore. Gasoline costs too much to waste.

Somebody Gets It

July 30, 2013

Alwaleed warns of US shale danger…

Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom…

Do the Americans know? Not likely!!! SNORE … who will tell them, they will never figure it out for themselves, as Obama’s no drill policy cripples our economy.

The lies he is telling about the Keystone XL pipeline are getting side splitting funny. The Saudi’s are not laughing … Just think if we had no Obama …

Them Americans they are likely to really do it … As soon as they get rid of the rock in their way. When?

Sellout, Your Jobs Are On The Line

July 22, 2013


‘In Chunks’…

Declines to share his position…

You know he will just cry….





Damn fence …. or another sellout!!!


The Search For Global Warming

July 10, 2013

I don’t think the helmet helps …

The choom wagon band searches …

Me, I have seen real polar bears up in the north pole regions of Canada, and I can tell you first hand, you do not want to do that, without a really really big gun … They are huge when there is no fence between you and them.

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