BATF Stands For: Never Learns Anything

October 3, 2013

SHOSHANA BRYEN: ATF: Lost Guns, Cigarettes, and Credibility.

“We learn ATF employed the same crime-facilitating strategy behind Fast and Furious with illegal smokes.”


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The Spoils Of Socialism …

September 25, 2013

Last man out, turn off the lights …::: ‘Get a boat!’ Venezuela flights booked full for months

The airline scramble has added to shortages, power cuts and runaway prices as another symbol of the Byzantine economic challenges facing the new government of President Nicolas Maduro in the South American OPEC nation.

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Do You Really Know What Your Free Cheese Costs.

August 23, 2013

You might be surpised to find out.

The quickest way to becoming a slavery is a trick every despot has made use of all through the 20th century. Free Government Health Care. Cheack and see for yourself. They even made movies out of it. Trying to convince you that Cuba, COMMUNIST Cuba had the world’s best heath care in the world. Hello Michael MOoore is that You.

Yes it started with Lenon, Hitler, and the Soviets. All had the same lure and it had the same hook.

So now we are ensnared in the same trap, as company after company announces that they will not be able to Afford Obamacare. Not a joke, It’s true the latest being Delta Air Lines.

Saul Alinsky had this to say, if my revolution ever became reality it would happen without anybody noticing.

It’s right before your eyes.


And Now After 60 years Of “The Revolution”

July 27, 2013

The revolution began in July 1953, and finally ousted Batista on 1 January 1959.

CARLOS EIRE at babalú blog: A brief and personal history of 100 years of Cuban history.

“One hundred years ago Cuba was a prosperous island that attracted European immigrants at a rate much higher than that of the United States.”

You wonder does Marco Rubio know? The Cuban people are stuck in the 1960s … With their Communist father. And it shows…


Just Buy Them, Votes And All

May 12, 2013

1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t — $2 Billion in 2012

( The feral government spent more than $2 billion to provide Puerto Rico in food stamps in 2012, up to 25% of it is untraceable because it is distributed in cash and there is “no way to verify that funds are being spent on food” according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The funds are used to provide more than one-third of the population of Puerto Rico with food stamps

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And then make them a STATE, welfare recipients make the most docile citizens. We need a permanent Democrat underclass that you white people are burdened with … I bet that will work out, just ducky.

Hurricane Sandy, Winter Storm Hybrid Threatens New York, Delaware, Maine With Bad Weather

October 25, 2012

Could a Hurricane Sandy, winter storm hybrid worse than the “Perfect Storm” of 1991 slam the East Coast just in time to ruin both Halloween and Election Day?

Some meteorologists have grown increasingly concerned, as Hurricane Sandy made landfall Thursday in Cuba and already turned deadly in the Caribbean.

Track Map:


Models are still all over the place after three days, this is an average of the tracks. But nonetheless, the hybrid storm that may happen could have tropical storm-force winds extending out hundreds of miles, creating a massive fetch for storm surge and widespread power outages for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

A staggering array of maps…. No Convergence.



Venezuela Refinery Blast Death Toll Rises to 48

August 28, 2012

Socialism at it’s finest … Oil is rising sharply from two disasters in the Caribbean region — one, a fierce storm, and the other a massive blast at the world’s second-largest refinery in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Only one was perfectly preventable.

When the strongman cracked the whip on Venezuela’s oil industry in 2003, firing 20,000 experienced oil managers from state-owned Petroleo de Venezuela (PDVSA) to break a strike he admitted he had provoked, he insisted that merit didn’t matter anymore, only political loyalty. “There will be no more meritocracy,” he told his cheering red-shirts. That philosophy has been laid out in all its glory… That philosophy has been laid out in all its glory with Saturday’s massive explosion, at the Amuay refinery, part of a 955,000-barrel-a-day complex, that has become the second deadliest in the history of the oil industry and the worst ever in the Western Hemisphere.

Who needs experience, we want cronyism … Isn’t that Obama and his energy “investments”. How many billions has this all cost us?

The fire at the refinery is still burning, but officials expect that it will be extinguished in the next few hours, Oil and Mining Minister Rafael Ramirez said on Monday

Falcon state’s governor, Stella Lugo, announced on Monday that the death toll from the explosion at Venezuela’s Amuay refinery over the weekend rose to 48.

On Sunday, two of the people injured in the industrial accident died while being treated at Coromoto Hospital in the western city of Maracaibo, officials said.

The two victims arrived at the hospital with burns over 100 percent of their bodies, hospital spokesman Jesus Valdes said.

The blast and subsequent blaze at the refinery injured 80 other people, officials said.

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