Concerns Raised About Security Of

October 31, 2013

Besides the rest, now there is this …

Defending President Barack Obama’s much-maligned health care overhaul in Congress, his top health official was confronted Wednesday with a government memo raising new security concerns about the trouble-prone website that consumers are using to enroll.

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October 29, 2013

That’s It???

Top health exchange official apologizes for Obamacare website woes

The head of the agency running the troubled federal government health insurance website apologized for the website’s problems Tuesday , promising once again that they would be fixed.

Members of the House Ways and Means Committee immediately lit into Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Marilyn Tavenner, demanding to know why Americans should trust that the troubled website, or even the entire health care law, will ever work.

Of course we already knew Obama didn’t know nothing.

Really? Ya Think?

October 25, 2013

Isn’t this what Ted Cruz was trying to tell people???

Builders of Obamacare website say more testing was needed.

The contractors, CGI Federal and Quality Software Services, said the two weeks of testing done in late September wasn’t enough to ensure the many components from different contractors operating smoothly in unison before the entire system went online Oct. 1.

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Service With a Smile …

August 29, 2013

Low information voters heads up … Since they still are buying the lies … You still protesting MacDonald’s OK. Later read this.

HeritageAction reports:

Obamacare Navigators are being told to smile as they sell President Obama’s failed healthcare law to the public. That’s according to a 217 page manual, the Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Standard Operating Procedures Manual, released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Monday. Will their pitch sound something like this?

We’re going to strangle you with regulations, smother you in bureaucracy, make it next to impossible for you to find full-time work, and intrude in the some of the most intimate decisions you’ll make in your life… But we’re smiling, so you should be happy about all of this!

Perhaps not. But sadly, none of this is a joke. The administration states:

Section 2.2.1 Smile –Maintain a Positive Demeanor

This is the most simple and most powerful tip for consumer assistance (and most interpersonal interactions). Smile. Smiles are contagious; usually when you smile at somebody they will smile back at you. Do not pretend to smile, or produce a false smile; these are easy to spot and send the wrong messages. Relax, gain eye-contact, and smile naturally. This will help consumers to feel at ease and welcomed. You will come across as friendly and approachable, setting the scene for positive interaction.

If you are talking to somebody on the telephone, you can still smile; your voice sounds different when you smile and are happy. Consumers are more likely to want to talk to a cheerful person with an enthusiastic personality and by smiling while you talk you can help to project this.

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Happy now? Smile. But don’t forget to bend over.

Obamacare Fallout: More Doctors Opting Out of Medicare

August 2, 2013

You can keep your doctor if he doesn’t move on, hope your didn’t like him or anything  :  Obamacare Fallout: More Doctors Opting Out of Medicare

Three times more doctors are refusing Medicare patients than three years ago, many citing Medicare’s increasing rules and lowered payment rates.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which administers the program, even doctors who still see some Medicare patients are limiting the number of Medicare patients they will treat, reports The Wall Street Journal. Link to Yahoo Story here

Uncle sugar daddy won’t pay … Note this is not medicaid but it is medicare … most seniors only healthcare.

Get in line like all the other people do. And here I thought …. Obama said …. Didn’t you know he doesn’t tell the truth about anything?

Feds Fear Obamacare Roll-out May Be Like “Third World Experience”

March 23, 2013

Here it comes boys and girls, get ready for free. LOL … I think you are about to find out what free really is all about.

The Commonwealth Fund reported:

Federal officials are developing contingency plans in case the health insurance exchanges are not fully ready to begin enrolling people on Oct. 1, the head of the agency that’s building the massive 50-state marketplace structure said last week.

Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, also said there is “some possibility” that some states now conditionally approved to run their own marketplaces might not be able to launch them on Oct. 1. But he vowed that every state will have an exchange, which could mean the federal government might have to have more of a role than anticipated in states that can’t get to the finish line in time.

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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to cut 950 jobs

November 15, 2012

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will lay off 76 employees this week and cut a total of 950 jobs by the end of next June, the center’s chief executive said today.

Dr. John McConnell said most of the cuts are administrative positions, but some faculty members could lose their jobs due to cuts in federal research funding. He also said 2012-13 revenue is being affected by “deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid payments, which constitute nearly half of our health-care reimbursements.”


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