If You Think This Is Bad

October 14, 2013

Wait until you see the deductibles …::: If you think the ObamaCare exchanges and premiums were bad

Pay attention, those of you who thought it was all going to be free.

Got you with the free cheese talk. That’s all it was was talk. To get votes, both from Obama and the Democrats.

What’s going on in Washington is to just try to blame the Republicans. Yet it’s just glaring incompetence.

How could it have been all free? Did doctors start giving their services away? Think!!! And how would they pay for their medical education bills. Just a small amount of common sense will do. Think!!!

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

September 28, 2013

Time to pull up a comfy chair and get educated … The way the government schools won’t do.

I wonder why that is?

The gold standard … Answers a lot of questions ….. You cannot print gold.

Free government cheese. Otherwise know as the owners of tomorrow’s debt.

Slaves, Dummies. Throughout the history of man it’s been the same siren song of despotic dictators.

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither … Ben Franklin.

Say Cheese … Got It, Print It

August 20, 2013

Note the little guy in the corner, that’s the killer, don’t taunt him.


\ Posers

Why the serious looks, oh that’s the action right.

Cut lets go play cards, Reggie.

Cue the dog flight …



Don’t get your hopes up …



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