What Happens When The Slaves Quit

October 9, 2013

Interesting predictament …:::  Young Chinese Workers Don’t Want To Work In Factories Anymore.

“Broadly speaking, this is a good thing for most Chinese, but for the country as a whole it’s a major shift, and it’s happening very quickly. The big question is whether it will be able to adapt soon enough.”

China is a communist country, so do the people have any choice?

Big Boy, You Blew It

June 12, 2013

Get out of that choom wagon and get back on script.


Sir, you need to take time off from your golf game and preezzy events with the glitterati  to read … SUN TZU “THE ART OF WAR”


I know you don’t like books about War but it might help you …

Let’s look on what it says about arrogance … “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”
― Sun Tzu

The Joker’s plan — Slavery by debt so large it can never be repaid.


Chinese Citizens Stormed Government Offices Near Shanghai And Forced The Mayor To Strip

July 28, 2012

Maoists have their own Tea Party ….

Do you remember how the Soviets used to do it? They had walled off towns, and walled dascha in the countryside. Soldiers had their AK-47 outside, to keep the rabble out. Looks like how Obama wants America to look.

But apparently the communist in China weren’t as smart as the Soviets.

The big Chinese news today is out of Qidong, a city of over a million inhabitants one hour north of Shanghai, which has seen widespread protests against an industrial waste pipeline.

Protests in China aren’t rare, but the scale and violence of this protest make it remarkable. Reuters reports that 1,000 protestors marched on government offices, eventually storming and vandalizing them, as well as turning over at least five cars and one minibus.

The video below gives a good idea of the scale of protest.


Oh oh, looks really bad for the Maoists, until they get the tanks gassed up … Apparently the Chinese have figured out the iPhones being built with slave labor is not good for them. They are the slaves, and seem to have figured out what is going on.

According to reports on Weibo, protestors found condoms and expensive liquor in the offices. Pictures posted to Weibo appear to show the local Qidong mayor Sun Jianhua stripped of his shirt. He was reportedly made to wear an opposition t-shirt.

While officially the government has backed down in its plans for the pipeline, the repercussions against the protestors may be tough. There are reports that the internet has been taken down in Qidong, and that hospitals are full of people who have been badly beaten by the police, with reports of some deaths.

Images posted to Weibo appear to show a full on battle between a huge amount of police and a huge amount of protesters.

Keep your powder dry …


December 20, 2009

After the Obama Olympic sized plunge face down on the pavement, you would think our man child dear reader would learn something, Apparently not.

So much for two years of work and a supposedly broad international consensus that was to make the Copenhagen COP15 conference little more than a formality.

Clearly, Friday-Saturday at the COP15 wrap-up was about squabbling over how much money we’ll borrow from the Chinese so that we can give it right back to Beijing and other Third World countries in exchange for their promise to  . . . well, that was never clear.

A video of Obama’s final speech at COP15:

The speech where TOTUS went missing. Clear as mud.

And twice Friday, Obama was kept waiting in public by China’s premier. Then the meetings were not with China’s premier, but low level officials, purposely snubbing our dear reader.

Obviously, the rest of the world has taken measure of Barack Hussein Obama — and decided he’s a pushover. Even Hugo Chavez smelled sulfur in the room after Obama spoke. This is scary stuff.

On the merits, not unfairly — I assume that all the America bashing was supposed to have let Obama have his way with the world, obtain his street cred, but as any five year old knows, it doesn’t work this way in the real world. All the bashing does is make you out to be the laughing stock. And now that the rest of the world knows, you are going to be played for the fool, Mr President. A part apparently you so dearly like.

And now today: CHINA: 'The world does not have Money to buy more US Treasuries'...

IT is getting harder for governments to buy United States Treasuries because the US’s shrinking current-account gap is reducing supply of dollars overseas, a Chinese central bank official said yesterday.

The comments by Zhu Min, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, referred to the overall situation globally, not specifically to China, the biggest foreign holder of US government bonds.

Chinese officials generally are very careful about commenting on the dollar and Treasuries, given that so much of its US$2.3 trillion reserves are tied to their value, and markets always watch any such comments closely for signs of any shift in how it manages its assets.

Watch the Obama COP15 speech again … That’s the way the world leaders see him. He has done it to himself. As for Obama, it was clear from Day One that he was on a very steep learning curve.

But who imagined it was this steep?

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