The Dirty Birds

June 13, 2011

THE HILL: Poll: Politicians, Congress unethical — and getting worse.

“A striking 68 percent of likely voters polled said the ethical standards of politicians have deteriorated in recent decades, while just 7 percent said they have improved during that time, the survey said.”

Poll: Tea Party More In Touch With Issues Than The Congress

March 29, 2010

Tea party members, more ethical than the average Congressman too, but that’s barely notable.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of U.S. voters believe the average member of the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of the issues facing America today than the average member of Congress.

Only 30% believe that those in Congress have a better understanding of the key issues facing the nation. When it comes to those issues, 47% think that their own political views are closer to those of the average Tea Party member than to the views of the average member of Congress.

As far as disapproval goes, Congressional disapproval going above that found in October 1994 — Congressional disapproval now at 72% — Obamacare didn’t save this sinking ship. After completely ignoring the will of the American people, Democrats get to enjoy a new low.

Two new polls out from Rasmussen today suggest that even Democrats who voted against health care reform are in serious danger of losing their seats. The first shows that 54% of respondents favor repealing ObamaCare, essentially unchanged from last week.

As people now know, there isn’t any such thing as ‘blkue dogs, lap dogs or any other than the the lying dog kind of Democrats. All Democrats lie chaet and steal and people have finally caught into them.

The second poll shows that Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-S.D., now leads one of her potential Republican challengers, Secretary of State Chris Nelson, by only 44%-42%. In February, she led 45%-38%. Herseth Sandlin, co-chair of the Blue Dogs, a group of more moderate Democrats, voted against the health care bill both in November and in March, and was outspoken against the “Slaughter solution”, dubbing it “poison.”

The dogs get to Congress and lie down with the rest of the lying dogs.

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