Keys Coral Reefs Dying Of Cold

January 30, 2010
Cold kills coral; 1st time since ’70s — Conservation groups assess damage, fear long-term effects, the damage appears widespread.

Coral bleaching is a condition often associated with the summer doldrums, but extreme cold weather, like what the Florida Keys experienced earlier this month, also can cause coral to bleach and die.

This month’s cold snap has the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and other coral conservation groups conducting a survey to determine the extent of the damage. During the next two weeks, teams of scientific divers from federal and state agencies and nongovernmental and academic organizations will be surveying coral colonies from the Dry Tortugas through Martin County to assess coral reef health.

Temperatures in some Keys nearshore waters dropped to 52 degrees for several days — well below average for this time of year — with fatal results for some corals.

Mote Marine Laboratory BleachWatch Coordinator Cory Walter was surprised at the extent of the affected corals when she dove various patch reefs in the Keys last week. Most of the bleaching and death occurred in the mid-Hawk Channel and nearshore reefs, Walter said. The offshore reefs fared better. The cold seems to have affected all species equally, Walter said.

And here I thought that global warming would do in the coral reefs, when in fact cold is far more deadly to them … who knew they could be killed off by a hoax.

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