The Lost Generation

October 25, 2013

“Most of today’s college grads won’t be able to retire until 73 due to high debt load —12 years later than the current average retirement age,” reports NerdWallet which produced the graphic. “Given a life expectancy of 84, grads will only have 11 years to enjoy retirement.”


Debt Slaves

October 16, 2013


You young debt slaves, are so screwed by Obama … It’s laughable.

Default Status

October 10, 2013

Taxes collected since shut down …

Feds collect $56 billion in taxes during 9 days of ‘shutdown’….

Truckers expected to protest in DC Friday…

So how is this default? It only takes around $20 billion to service the debt … The total is about $220 billion in taxes per month … What default???

NO DEAL: Obama Rejects GOP’s Compromise Proposal of Short-Term Debt Limit Increase

So it was all for nothing …

Obama Says No Negotiation

October 7, 2013

Back on Sept 27 2013 — Obama says …::: No negotiation, Unless I get my way …

 This time, President Barack Obama says, he’s not budging. This is the confrontational Obama, the “Make my day” president, betting Republicans blink to avoid a government shutdown or a first-ever default of the nation’s debts.

It’s a proposition not without risk and one with a history of last-minute accommodations on both sides. Brinkmanship between Obama and congressional Republicans has often stopped at the precipice’s edge.

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You Tell Me What We Have Here …

September 19, 2013

Obama: ‘Raising Debt Ceiling, Does Not Increase Our Debt’…

Only a fool, our an idiot would believe that…

I Bet This Isn’t Good For The Beohner Republcians

September 13, 2013

It could be worse, but how…::: Poll: Americans Oppose Raising the Debt Ceiling Even If U.S. Defaults and Say Government Wastes 60 Cents of Every Tax Dollar

With the federal government expected to hit its debt limit in mid-October, 70 percent of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling, the latest Reason-Rupe poll finds. In fact, 55 percent of Americans say they do not support raising the debt ceiling even if it causes the U.S. to default on its debt.


Our Huge Stinking Pile

September 11, 2013

Of student loan debt …

Notice anything about this chart of student loan debt owed to the Federal government? Direct Federal loans to students have exploded higher, from $93 billion in 2007 to $560 billion in early 2013. This gargantuan sum exceeds the gross domestic product (GDP) of entire nations—for example, Sweden ($538 billion) and Iran ($521 billion). Non-Federal student loans total another $500 billion, bringing the total to over $1 trillion.

Does this look remotely sustainable? Does it look remotely healthy for students, society, taxpayers now on the hook for a half-trillion dollars in potential defaults or the U.S. economy?


Free money, not so free.


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