Let’s Do It Virginia

October 28, 2013

Do it for America, do it for Virginia, Terry McAuliffe(a Clinton toady) is a Bloomberg-Soros, snake in the grass for gun control …::: Bill Clinton: Conservative Surge Could Win Virginia for  Ken Cuccinelli  

Let’s roll!!!

Go here to help them out … He is a good tested conservative.

The Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign today released its latest television ad, “Justice.” The ad highlights how the attorney general personally took on the case that ultimately exonerated Thomas Haynesworth, a man who spent 27 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


Obama’s War On Women

October 28, 2013

New War On Women: Suggesting That Women Not Binge Drink.

“This has to be one of the crazier things I’ve ever seen, and I have to read a lot of tripe on this job.”


Have you ever heard of a dumber technique to dupe people?

Alan Grayson : Democrats Return To Their Roots

October 25, 2013

Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s campaign sent out a fundraising email likening the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan, complete with an image of a burning cross.

The email, which went out to supporters yesterday, shows a burning cross — complete with images of two KKK-like figures in the background — used as the “T” in “tea party.” When users click on the image, they’re taken to a fundraising landing page for Grayson’s campaign.

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American’s Dislike Government

October 11, 2013

Americans’ satisfaction with gov’t falls to new low…

Perceived need for third party reaches new high…

I wonder what causes that drop??? Do you know? As Big Government does a belly flop on the whole country … Next time I bet you listen to your parents, and forget the whole clappy seal, hopey-changey thingy.

And the good news keeps coming … We have freidns who have now lost 5 Doctors ..

REPORT: Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during website’s first week… And about 5,000 were able to actually purchase insurance, out of 330,000,000 million people, FORWARD progress.

Sebelius event in Pittsburgh turns into debacle…

Thousands of doctors fired by United HealthCare…

Mailman fired for throwing away Obamacare junk mail…

As You Watch

October 10, 2013

You may begin to notice, that it is WDC vs the People that is shaping up as the real battle … Not Democrats or Republicans, but the ruling elites are opposed by the people of the country.

And it’s the defund–Obamacare effort that has brought that to the top. And I bet you can see it as well. The ruling class of both parties, who for the most part are exempt from Obamacare, against the people.

WDC elites, vs the people of America.

And it is through the efforts of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and others, who have brought this out … And that was clear from Beohner’s Speech this morning. You know the debt is crippling your future and the country, yet they still think kicking the can down the road is the answer. More debt … For you to pay if you even have a job anymore.

Think what you would do if Apple’s website was the disaster that Healthcare.gov is…

And as you watch Big Government inflict their pin on the population, remember this is why the US COnstitution was written, and why Obama has to go extra Constituional to do this. It’s your Constitution, as long as you have the presence of mind to understand that.

And While They Think YOU Are Distracted

October 1, 2013

They want the rest in lowered salary and jobs …::: Give those to the illegals.

Republican Leaders Make Stealth Immigration Push While Members Focus On Budget Fights; Obamacare…

Paul Ryan working on Amnesty deal… Looks like I was wrong about Paul Ryan. My bad.

I may never vote for a GOP candidate again.


So Now What …

September 30, 2013

Our economy has been shutting down for the last five years. Anybody care? And what are we going to do about that?

So why should we care about government. Do they care that we give 100s of billions to the terrorists each year, because we will not drill for our own oil. Think about that for a while.Why not we just lay off all the non-essential personnel? Get to the bottom of the problem …

Employment is down and dropping, regardless what the government numbers say … You are being reduced to part-time work, because of Obamacare, your salary is being cut by AMNESTY. So what are you going to do … Take Your Pick: Default or Hyperinflation … Democrats do this same thing every time …

It was the sequester and the horror that would bring. When that didn’t happen, oh well forget that.

Forward …

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