Alan Grayson : Democrats Return To Their Roots

October 25, 2013

Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson’s campaign sent out a fundraising email likening the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan, complete with an image of a burning cross.

The email, which went out to supporters yesterday, shows a burning cross — complete with images of two KKK-like figures in the background — used as the “T” in “tea party.” When users click on the image, they’re taken to a fundraising landing page for Grayson’s campaign.

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October 25, 2013

Imagine that… the very people it was supposed to be helping, far more than a mere glitch …. NYT: Obamacare Disproportionately Hurts Poor, Rural Americans.

Why, even though that was one of the core promises the administration and Democrats made in pushing ObamaCare on the nation.

More than four years after debate began on the massive restructuring of the nation’s health-care market, the New York Times finally notices that the law doesn’t actually address why the costs in rural areas remained so high — the lack of choice and competition.

Shot Across The BOW …

October 22, 2013

Big Labor threatens to end careers of Democrats who support entitlement reform.

“In a shot across the bow of political moderates, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka threatened Monday to use Big Labor’s resources to unseat any Democrat who supports entitlement reform. Trumka made the comments in a speech at the annual meeting International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans in Las Vegas. He was reacting to reports that lawmakers may pursue some type of restraint in the ever-rising costs of programs like Social Security and Medicare.”


Debt Ceiling Delusions

October 12, 2013

Delusion and deceit, that is what is going on … By both the president and the parties, both parties.

The Democrats‘ argument that America needs to pay its bills is just hollow rhetoric. Paying off one’s Visa bill with a new and bigger MasterCard bill can’t be considered a legitimate payment of debt. At best it is a transfer. But in the government’s case, it doesn’t even qualify as that. Treasury debt is primarily bought by the Fed, foreign central banks, and major financial institutions. None of that will change with a debt ceiling increase. We will just go to the same people for greater quantities. So it’s like paying off your Visa card with a bigger Visa card.


GOP: Change Or Die

October 11, 2013

I know I have walked from the GOP and their Democrat lite WHIGS strategy. Let’s face it, they(the GOP) like it like this, and are just a shade better than the Democrats. Except the WHIGS, went along with the Slave holding Democrats in the 1850’s and started the Civil War. Then Abe Lincoln founded the modern Repuiblican party, which has now lost their way.

COULTER TO GOP: Change or die…

The best summary I have seen today. And they are playing the same game as in the 1850s.

“Don’t Screw It Up”

October 9, 2013

D.C. Mayor Confronts Senate Dems over Shutdown…

REID TELLS MAYOR: ‘Don’t screw it up, okay? Don’t screw it up’…

There are little peeks that if you are quick will allow you to piece together the tail the Democrats and Obama are trying to force feed you.

This is one of those pieces.

So Now What …

September 30, 2013

Our economy has been shutting down for the last five years. Anybody care? And what are we going to do about that?

So why should we care about government. Do they care that we give 100s of billions to the terrorists each year, because we will not drill for our own oil. Think about that for a while.Why not we just lay off all the non-essential personnel? Get to the bottom of the problem …

Employment is down and dropping, regardless what the government numbers say … You are being reduced to part-time work, because of Obamacare, your salary is being cut by AMNESTY. So what are you going to do … Take Your Pick: Default or Hyperinflation … Democrats do this same thing every time …

It was the sequester and the horror that would bring. When that didn’t happen, oh well forget that.

Forward …

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