Circle Of Lies …

October 29, 2013

MESSAGING: Administration denies halting spying against American allies.

A senior administration official on Monday rejected Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein’s claim that the U.S. has halted intelligence collection against its allies.

In a statement released earlier Monday, the California Democrat said that the White House “has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue.”

But the administration official called that statement “not accurate.”

“While we have made some individual changes, which I cannot detail, we have not made across the board changes in policy like, for example, terminating intelligence collection that might be aimed at all allies,” the administration official said.

After the administration’s statement, a spokesman for Feinstein clarified that the senator intended to say that the U.S. was ceasing “collection on foreign allied leaders.”

Apparently it’s going to take some time to sycn up the lies .



Laws Are For The Little People …

October 10, 2013

Smoking gun exposed- D.C. police chief covers up giving Feinstein illegal ‘assault weapons.’ “Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier seems to think that gun-control laws don’t apply to the liberal elite. The police chief helped Sen. Dianne Feinstein acquire “assault weapons,” which are illegal to possess in the District, for a news conference early this year to promote a ban on these firearms, then tried to cover up the police involvement. Now, a response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request reveals Chief Lanier’s shocking willingness to bend the rules for partisan and ideological purposes.”


First Amendment According to …

September 27, 2013

The First Amendment according to Lindsey Graham, Dianne Feinstein & Dick Durbin.

Is any blogger out there saying anything — do they deserve First Amendment protection? – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

Feds move to limit who is a “covered journalist” deserving constitutional protection, The rest get sued.

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No Bloggers Wanted

September 13, 2013

Senate to define ‘journalist’…

Media shield bill leaves out mavericks…

‘Fascist’ Feinstein… The name calling begins, you can always tell when Democrats are losing.

That’s rich, when Fascists call you Fascists, and hope you don’t know the meaning. Do you???

Term limits fossils, especially Senators. We need to repeal the 17th amendment.

Free Speech is for all, not just chosen ones.

Did Feinstein’s AW ban bill take down other forms of gun control?

March 27, 2013

Adam Winkler thinks so.

“There was one certain impact of proposing to ban the sale of assault weapons: it was guaranteed to stir gun-rights proponents to action. Ever since Obama was elected, they’ve been claiming that he wanted to ban guns. Gun-control advocates mocked this claim—then proposed to ban a gun. Not only that, the gun they were trying to ban happened to be the most popular rifle in America.”

And the 2008 Heller Supreme Court decision said that firearms in common popular use, were protected by the Second Amendment.

So this prompted the “Wacko Birds” to make today’s statement.

Heller: The Supremes Have Said …

March 23, 2013

Since we all know the vaunted black rifle is nothing more than a common .22 caliber centerfire semo-automatic rifle.

Even if enacted, [Senator Dianne] Feinstein’s [“assault weapons” ban] proposal would be the most likely of all the major gun reforms being considered in Washington today to be overturned on Second Amendment grounds.

The Supreme Court has held that :

the Second Amendment protects arms that are “in common use” for lawful purposes, like self-defense.

There seems little doubt that assault weapons are in common use, given the millions of them in circulation. With so called “assault weapons,” (like the AR-15) being overwhelmingly the most popular centerfire rifles in the country, for several years running, and with millions of them in private hands (a number that grows by the minute, as demand continues to outstrip manufacturers’ ability to produce them), “regime change rifles” are most definitely “in common use.”

The “common use” factor is important because in writing the majority opinion for the District of Columbia v. Heller decision, Justice Antonin Scalia listed several “presumptively lawful” infringements on that which shall not be infringed (and no–he didn’t explain how that works). Those included bans of arms not “in common use at the time” (and sorry, Obama regime ex-“regulatory czar” Cass Sunstein–“at the time” does not mean “at the time the Second Amendment was drafted”).

In an interview with Kwame Holman on the PBS Newshour, Second Amendment scholar and George Mason University School of Law Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm made not only that point, but expanded on it to include so-called “high capacity” magazines, which number in thescores of millions in private hands–if not hundreds of millions (see sidebar video):

“I don’t really think the idea that you can ban them or reduce the magazine will really pass constitutional muster,” Malcolm said. “If your standard is common use, these are all in common use for lawful purposes.”

And so there you have it.


Dianne Feinstein: “Won’t ‘play dead’ on assault weapons ban.”

March 20, 2013

Ted Cruz got her Constitutional goat … And you know what happens then? She has been there studying the Constitution for 20 years, ya know.

DianeFeinsteinwicked witch

Not to give me a vote on this would be a major betrayal of trust, as I would see it,” Feinstein said.

Somebody throw a bucket of water on this witch.

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