NOAA corrects ‘State of the Climate’ – Offers No Credit

February 6, 2013

NOAA Corrects Their 2012 State of the Climate Report – 2012 Was NOT the Warmest La Niña Year on Record

With as little fanfare as possible, NOAA has corrected their erroneous claim in their 2012 State of the Climate Report that of 2012 as the warmest “La Niña year” on record. Refer to the January 21, 2013 blog post NOAA’s Definition and Data Contradict Their Claim That 2012 Was The Warmest La Niña Year, which was also cross posted at WattsUpWithThathere.

The data doesn’t add up. More Obama propaganda …

Once Again, Reality Trumps Models – Pacific SST’s Are Flat

December 6, 2012

Another Muslim oopsie, NASA doesn’t do science anymore it’s all done with models. Vut what to do when models don’t follow reality?

Reality does not equal computer models, no matter how hard they blow on them. Hey computer models you know what they same, ever heard of GIGO? Could it be you initialize all the same models on the non existent mythical hotspot? Naw!!!

Why doesn’t the earth want to cooperate with liberals? Doesn’t it know we are just trying to help?


Model-Data Comparison: Pacific Ocean Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Guest post by Bob Tisdale

I’ll be adding the Pacific Ocean (60S-65N, 120E-80W) sea surface temperature anomalies to my monthly updates. See Figure 1 for the area covered by those coordinates. Why add the Pacific Ocean? It covers about 45% of the surface area of the global oceans and about 33% of the surface area of the globe (land+oceans combined). Or, to look at it another way, the Pacific Ocean covers more of the globe than the continental land masses combined. The Pacific stretches almost halfway around the globe at the equator, which is one of the reasons why El Niño and La Niña events are so important to global climate. When an El Niño releases a massive volume of naturally created warm water from below the surface of the western tropical Pacific and spreads it across the surface of the eastern tropical Pacific, precipitation and surface temperatures react globally—responding to the all of the additional moisture in the atmosphere and to the shifts in atmospheric circulation (jet streams).

I assume you know math….


October 25, 2012

Cold Got It …

There has been an unprecedented turn around with the developing El Nino.

The cooling earth… Yes this is Australian forecasters, they don’t have the same need to lie for Obama and his global warming hoax. Why Obama wants to control the Internet…

“Forecasters surprised by El Nino turnaround” [ABC]

The chief climate forecaster says it is the biggest turnaround in weather patterns since records began.

For climate forecasters, this summer was shaping up as deja vu, with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting another El Nino – until Wednesday, that is.

The bureau’s manager of climate prediction services, Dr Andrew Watkins, has changed the forecast.

“Come September, all of a sudden, the temperature started to cool down, the trade winds started to become a little bit enhanced, and the cloud patterns and other indicators like that headed away from El Nino,” he said.

Dr Watkins says they are not sure why there has been a cooling down. “It actually is quite a unique situation if we end up not going into an El Nino event,” he said. “It’ll sort of be the biggest turnaround that we’ve actually seen in our records going back to about 1950, so quite unprecedented.”  [full story ABC]

Burning question in the New York Times: If CO2 is supposed to cause increases in seasonal average monsoon rainfall over the South Asia region, should we blame CO2 for *decreases* in monsoon rainfall over the South Asia region?

September 4, 2012

It’s loop … a go around and round …

Q. and A.: Climate Change and the Monsoon –

The current year is already facing a deficit in the monsoon of around 14.4 percent (85.6 percent of normal rainfall), with one month to run, and again, a central Pacific El Niño may be the cause. However, this is not to say that global warming could not be involved.

What we do know from future model projections is that increases in greenhouse gas concentrations alone generally cause increases in the seasonal average monsoon rainfall over the South Asia region. This is mainly related to an increase in the supply of moisture to India as the monsoon winds pass over the now-warmer Indian Ocean.

Satellite Global Temperature Measurements

December 18, 2011

 November 30 marked the 33rd year of the data record of using satellite data to calculate atmospheric temperatures. Published monthly, these data are the most comprehensive and rigorous collection of global temperatures in existence. When adjusted for volcanic cooling events and unusually strong El Niño warming events, the data from the lower troposphere show little global warming over the entire record. The lower troposphere is precisely where the climate models predict the warming should take place, especially above the tropics. The recorded warming is largely above 60 degrees North Latitude, especially the Arctic.

University of Alabama, Huntsville, scientists Roy Spencer and John Christy are to be congratulated and esteemed for their scientific efforts and scientific integrity in consistently publishing the results of their findings, regardless of short warming or cooling periods.

The notes accompanying the release of the data state: “While Earth’s climate has warmed in the last 33 years, the climb has been irregular. There was little or no warming for the first 19 years of satellite data. Clear net warming did not occur until the El Niño Pacific Ocean ‘warming event of the century’ in late 1997. Since that upward jump, there has been little or no additional warming.”

“Christy and other UA Huntsville scientists have calculated the cooling effect caused by the eruptions of Mexico’s El Chichon volcano in 1982 and the Mt. Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines in 1991. When that cooling is subtracted, the long-term warming effect is reduced to 0.09 C (0.16° F) per decade, well below computer model estimates of how much global warming should have occurred.”

Of course, these measurements contradict the land surface measurements of temperatures so widely cited as proof of human-caused global warming. Please see links under “Challenging the Orthodoxy.”

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