Culture Of Corruption

October 20, 2013

From The department of just make it up …

Proposed giant EPA land-grab is rigged, conflicted and corrupted … EPA Stacks Review Board With Federal Grant Recipients..

What happens when Washington’s top environmental policymaker packs a government advisory board with federal grant recipients so she can regulate virtually every acre in the United States of America?

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And Don’t We Love Pain

September 23, 2013

Coal giant: EPA rules would ’cause more pain at the plug than Americans have experienced at the pump’

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The Hoax of Global Warming, AKA, Climate Change and Death of Coal Mining

September 20, 2013

The hoaxer In Chief  keeps on hoaxing :

Not content with various country killing plans, Obama seeks now to apply more new rules through his infamous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that greatly concerns those who say his new “change” will be even less loved than the nightmarish “Hope and Change” of 2008.

These next new changes could possibly result in deaths to our citizens and excessively high costs in their applications; in fact, one of Obama’s own former appointees who has deep concerns that these new coal regulations could kill, was published in the following story on September 19, 2013.

Hoaxing at stake … Even the UN is walking off …

Someone’s Ignorance Is Showing

September 20, 2013

Obama Administration Unveils Requirements

“We know this is not just about melting glaciers,” McCarthy said. “Climate change – caused by carbon pollution – is one of the most significant public health threats of our time. That’s why EPA has been called to action.”

Since when did the very stuff of all life on earth become a pollutant. Someone’s ignorance is showing. Look up the cycle of life… Just google it.

CO2 is a benign atmospheric trace gas. Without it all life on earth will cease to exist. Why do you think it’s measured in parts per million???

ROFLMAO does not describe my wonderment.


Well Isn’t This Ducky

September 19, 2013

EPA admits its climate efforts will NOT solve climate change

If the federal court system were a sane place, this admission of futility would doom CO2 regulation under the Clean Air Act.

The Guardian reports on the House climate hearing today:

McCarthy admitted the EPA on its own could not deliver all of the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.

“Can the EPA alone solve the problem of climate change? No, we cannot,” McCarthy said. “We are working within our authority to do what we can.”

Or you can title this alternately, why courts are the wrong place for this type thing.

Hey I Got An Idea Lets Burn More Corn

June 24, 2013

Does’t the EPA know that various studies has told them burning corn generates 2.5X the CO2 as just using gasoline?

Do they care or is a worldwide food shortage their goal?

Supreme Court allows EPA to wreck car engines with E15 ethanol

Dow Jones reports:

-The Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider legal challenges by several industry trade groups to an Environmental Protection Agency move to expand ethanol use in the U.S.

Trade groups for food producers, the oil and gas sector and the auto industry all sued to contest a pair of EPA decisions that allowed the sale of gasoline blends containing 15% ethanol. The agency regulates fuels based on the pollution they create.

Currently, most of the U.S. gasoline supply contains 10% of the renewable fuel.

The EPA’s move handed a partial victory to ethanol manufacturers, which had pushed the agency to allow the higher blends. The agency allowed the so-called E15 fuel for use in vehicles dating back to the 2001 model year, but not for older cars and trucks.

The various trade groups alleged they would suffer a variety of harms from the increased ethanol use.

For example, members of the food industry argued it would cost more to make and distribute food products because the introduction of E15 fuel would increase demand–and prices–for corn, which is used to make most ethanol.

The auto industry alleged the new fuel could damage vehicle engines, prompting consumers to bring warranty and safety claims against car makers. Petroleum refiners and importers said the introduction of E15 would force them to incur substantial costs.

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Who cares if your fuel costs more, we are saving the planet from the global warming hoax.

Do you know what burning corn does to fuel prices, much less worldwide corn markets? Is winning all we care about these days, what happened to right and wrong.

It’s time to argue the environmental impact of E15. These would include the amount of marginal land put into corn production, the user of larger amounts of fertilizer, pumping more water than can be replenished from aquifers, the effluent loading of rivers and tributaries, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps its time to sleep with the enemy so to speak and work with an environmental group to stop this nonsense. And the fuel costs for more harvesting.

Like The IRS The EPA Plays Favorites Also

May 16, 2013

The Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that the EPA under Ms. Jackson has a history of favoring groups that share the agency’s political agenda. “Conservative groups seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived,” according to the report.

Government agencies like the EPA typically waive so-called Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request fees for groups disseminating information for public benefit, but it’s up to the agency to decide whether a fee-waiver is justified. At the EPA, fees were waived for liberal environmental groups like Greenpeace and EarthJustice almost always. Meanwhile, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank, “had its requests denied 93 percent of the time. One request was denied because CEI failed to express its intent to disseminate the information to the general public. The rest were denied because the agency said CEI ‘failed to demonstrate that the release of the information requested significantly increases the public understanding of government operations or activities.’”

This is important because the White House and Democrats have increasingly used regulators at the EPA to advance a green agenda that they can’t get through Congress.

Full story here. Since this is behind a paywall at the WSJ, this Daily Caller story might work for you.

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