We Need Kids, Bring Kids …

September 30, 2013

Although public tours of the White House have been cancelled, the White House logged 344 visits by lobbyists in 3 months. Couldn’t they each just grab a busload of kids on their way in?

Since actress Stacey Dash has gone public with her conservative points of view — namely endorsing Mitt Romney for president last year — she’s come under a volley of criticism from the left.

But that hasn’t shut her up.

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Democrats and The Press … Criminalizing Politics

September 24, 2013

Really, ruining people’s lives for politics makes sense to whom…::: High Profile Cases Show A Pattern Of Misuse Of Prosecutorial Powers.

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The Question Is …

September 4, 2013

‘The question is: How credible is Congress?’
‘We may not be imminently threatened, but’…
CAMERON: UK ‘can’t be part and won’t be part’ of any military strikes…

Yes we have watched them get to the bottom of a long list of scandals …

  • Fast and Furious
  • The IRS and the Tea Party
  • The NSA spying on Americans in Breach of our Constitution.
  • Benghazi, the slow walk continues
  • And of course …

Seems like they are doing a bang up job too me. And you expect what from Congress, except to do what the ruling class wants done, with a little sugar on top.

Hey I think we have spotted our problem.


Figures, We Need The Stoner Contributions

August 12, 2013

And putting our contributors in jail just won’t do. Stoned donors are as good as our choom wagon grad : Holder seeks to avert mandatory minimum sentences for some low-level drug offenders

Do you want people like this driving down the highway with you?

Don’t we have to feed them anyway? Let’s see EBT cards or jailhouse food. What’s the difference.



Why not get in a few, with the boys???

Just Like US??? Let Them Eat Cake!!

July 29, 2013

Is it any wonder he doesn’t know how to fix our economy, what we get is phony stats that try and say it is fixed.: VINEYARD VACATION AT $7.6 MILLION HOUSE

Look how he ACTUALLY LIVES … AND THE COMPANY he KEEPS. That evil Bush went to his own Ranch. The staff and secret service people stayed in Bush’s guest house, on ranch property …

If you can, flaunt it. Let them eat cake!!!

Just like the Soviets of old … run from the truth and hope the people buy the phony economic stats. I guess it’s no sale. Do your own survey of the number of closed businesses in your area, locally we have entire “former shopping centers” shuttered lining the streets. And unfinished buildings. And you do not have to look far to see the truth.

Why not imitate the Soviets???

If the same number of people were in our labor force today as of January 2009, unemployment would now be over 11%. Not included are the birthrate additions to our population. There are some 9 million people that are not even counted in the labor force today. 9 million jobs have been disappeared form America in the Obama economy.

Some track record that is … And the Lamestream media keeps on snoozing. Don’t believe me, do your own research. It’s called the Internet …

I am sure Karl Marx would be smiling from the grave!!!


July 21, 2013

Eric Holder steals George Zimmerman’s gun: It is not clear what federal law or legal procedure allows Mr. Holder to stop a police chief in Florida from returning a firearm to an innocent man.

LAWLESS, we don’t need no stinking laws. Fast and Furious …. Holder responds to innocence.

Stand Your Ground on Stand Your Ground

July 21, 2013

Stand Your Ground on Stand Your Ground

The stats in Florida is by a 2:1 majority, blacks represent the cases presented using this law in shootings cases.

Such statutes don’t put anyone at risk, and rest on sound legal principles. The only law invoked in the Florida case, was simple self defense. Mr President, shouldn’t you know that? Aren’t you supposedly a lawyer?

Stand your ground played no part in the case…

Reviewing American state law, the constitutional lawyer Prof. Eugene Volokh did a quick headcount this week and revealed that:

The substantial majority view among the states, by a 31-19 margin, is no duty to retreat. Florida is thus part of this substantial majority on this point. And most of these states took this view even before the recent spate of “stand your ground” statutes, including the Florida statute.

In essence, “Stand Your Ground” is a blanket term for any legal regime in which individuals do not have a duty to run away in the event that they are attacked. In states with such systems, juries are not expected to consider whether an individual could feasibly have retreated before resorting to violence in his defense; in states that do not, juries must inquire as to his chance of safely fleeing. In other words, in most of the country the Castle Doctrine has been extended to the village.

Your weekend reading assignment … Because you have to … It’s worth the time.

Florida doesn’t actually have a stand “your ground Law”. A quick reading of the Florida Law books shows it is really a bunch of legal statues. If you live in Florida, all CCW holders should have the latest copy of Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership.

Another good site … It’s a notional reporting site ….

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