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October 29, 2013

LAW AND LIBERTY: Angelo Codevilla: The War On Us.

“Increasingly, the US government’s many police forces (often state and local ones as well) operate militarily and are trained to treat ordinary citizens as enemies. At the same time, the people from whom the government personnel take their cues routinely describe those who differ from them socially and politically as illegitimate, criminal, even terrorists. Though these developments have separate roots, the post-9/11 state of no-win war against anonymous enemies has given them momentum. The longer it goes on, the more they converge and set in motion a spiral of civil strife all too well known in history, a spiral ever more difficult to stop short of civil war. Even now ordinary Americans are liable to being disadvantaged, hurt or even killed by their government as never before. Government’s violent treatment of citizens has become generalized and unremarkable.”

It portends a dark future.



No, Really It’s True

October 14, 2013

Both parties are playing you for the fools…::: Rollback of cuts fuels claims that government inflated impact of partial shutdown

First off 83% of the federal workforce is unaffected. You had enough of these games already?


Flawed Big Government

October 10, 2013

Take a lesson, you dreamy eyed fawns …::: Some say health-care site’s problems highlight flawed federal IT policies

I spent years selling technology to the federal government … And by the time you get through the process it’s all obselete.

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Shut Day Humor: Is The Government Closed?

October 2, 2013


It appears the answer is yes, and the shutdown stretches as far as the White House.

courtesy of

Shut Happens

October 1, 2013



Due to budget cuts, all we have is this crappy little cheep sign.

You’ll have to wait until for it —  In less than 24 hours, evil businesses will start selling rotten meat, water will become infected with horrible bacteria, and planes will begin to fall from the sky. And zombies will walk to rule our land.

Or anything worse than that, that I can think up.

Maybe if we just laid off all non-essential people, permanently? Oh the horrors, what would the turtles do without their tunnels? Or the eagles without those eternal windmills killing them?

Bet You Already Knew That …

October 1, 2013

The crap our money is spent on is legion … heck we wouldn’t even need Bernanke and his whole operations and money printing bame.

Like with the Sequestor monster, there is a lot to learn from the shutdown monster, that wasn’t.

IBD: Shutdown Preparations Prove Most Government Is Waste.

When the government shuts down, the president will do without three-fourths of his White House staff — 1,265 taxpayer-salaried federal workers. That’s a fraction of the government’s total waste.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who didn’t show up to vote on the budget last week, recently claimed, “the cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make” in a government that spends almost $4 trillion each year.

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Twofer : Figures

September 20, 2013

I think we spotted the real problem …. Probably an Obama donor friend runs the company …::: Company Behind Snowden Vetting Did Washington Shooter (background) Check

The U.S. government contractor that vetted Edward Snowden, who leaked information about national surveillance programs, said it also performed a background check on the Washington Navy Yard shooter.

And the usual cry for fixes … that were not done in the first place …

U.S. lawmakers immediately called for fixes to the government’s vetting system.

But we need more background checks for gun buyers. Yeah that will fix the gun problem …


Sounds like we need another executive order to actually do the background checks …

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