NSA Spys … Comrades, Can’t We All Get Along?

October 21, 2013

France Summons U.S. Ambassador Over NSA Spying…

Monitored millions of French phones…

Program targeted ‘high-profile individuals in business and politics’… Terrorists …

70.3 million records, 30 days…

REPORT: NSA Hacked Mexican President’s Email…

Comrades-In-Arms Clash: France’s Hollande Fumes At America Following Latest NSA Spy Gaffe

It was only two months ago that France’s socialist president, Francois Hollande, in his quest to show just how great his allegiance was to the eat tax the rich“fairness doctrine” and socialist causes espoused by the glorious leader on the other side of the Atlantic, and to said glorious leader himself, that France was prepared to almost singlehandedly invade Syria (and surrender shortly thereafter) on the basis of several fabricated YouTube clips.

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47,515 Drug-War Murders in Mexico in Just 5 Years

January 13, 2012

And they don’t know how many deaths were caused by Fast and Furioua.

(CNSNews.com) — The Mexican government reported that there were 12,903 drug-related homicides in the country during the first nine months of 2011, bringing Mexico’s drug-war death toll to 47,515 since Mexican President Felipe Calderón began cracking down on organized crime in December 2006.

That means that between January and September 2011 (273 days), there was an average of 47 drug-related homicides per day in Mexico.

According to a Jan. 11 report (in Spanish) on drug-related homicides from Mexico’s Attorney General (Procuraduría General de la República, PGR), most of the deaths between January and September 2011 were executions.

The 12,903 cartel-related homicides in 2011 (officially called homicides due to rivalry between delinquent organizations) included 10,200 executions; 1,652 deaths from encounters with law enforcement; 740 from direct aggression attacks; and 311 from violence between organized trafficking groups.

April was the bloodiest month in 2011 with 1,630 total drug-related deaths, followed by May (1,539) and July (1,519).

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