Fed Pumps

September 15, 2012

Can the Fed do anything except print money and inflate the money.

Sound dollar goes out the window… Participation rate, Obama encourages that with food stamps.

Watch the video, as the Fed is trying to turn the USA into Greece. This is truly breathtaking for a central banker. You pay for this in Jimmy Carter hyperinflation. None of this increases market demand for new products.

“Recognise that, as the Federal Reserve keeps on trying to stimulate the economy by printing more money, that there’s a cost to that,”

said Mr Romney in remarks at a fundraiser.

First off why will this work when QE1 and QE2 Failed niserably? What market demand is stimulated by this action.

Don’t the American people deserve answers… Our food stamp president doesn’t know beans about real economic growth.Nor or jobs created by a bank.

First rule of bussi9ness, you need market expansion to grom jobs,

You need Romney to do that not a juvenile choom wagon smoker. And this makes that clear, the Fed was bought.



RICHARD RUSSELL: Fiat Money Will Collapse, The Barter System Will Be King, Crime And Violence Will Surge

April 12, 2012

Some cheer for the morning … Chaos is coming and Obama is driving it.

Richard Russell, long-time author of the Dow Theory Letters, continues to be bearish on the financial markets and the global economy.

Lately, the only things he’s bullish on is gold and…guns.

From King World News:

If the government does provide a large round of stimulus … (we) will see the end of fiat money and probably a new monetary system and a new governmental system.  Europe and Asia will both go through chaos.  Immigration to the US will be huge.

The eurozone will come apart.  The barter system will be king.  Real estate, gold, silver and diamonds will be the main vehicles of wealth (along with weapons).  Start now watching the stocks of Sturm Ruger (below) and Smith & Wesson.

Russell advice — For ultimate safety over the long pull, buy and own bullion gold, silver, and gem quality diamonds as well as collectible treasures.  If you don’t believe me on collectibles, check the prices they are going for at auctions.

In this backdrop, Russell warns:

Get ready for a crime wave — a large segment of the population will do ‘whatever it has to’ in order to obtain food.  Hungry men and women can be desperate and lawless.

Read the whole piece at KingWorldNews.com.

Is The 45 APC Round Going To Be The Next World Currency???

December 30, 2011

When we left the gold standard, the financial system of the world became a printed society, where politicians could inflate at will. Read the fine print on your money. At one point in the not to distant past, the note read:

Debt-Free United States Notes“.

Our debt-based monetary system is systematically destroying the wealth of this nation.

Kerry Lutz

If you’re worried about the latest price decline of precious metals, then listen to Ranting Andy Hoffman’s latest take on the smack-down. Andy and I agree: it’s all smoke and mirrors, so you shouldn’t be deceived. You have nothing to lose but your fiat currency. Simply put, this latest smack-down is just another last ditch survival ploy by the elite world financiers. However, this tactic is destined to fail because worldwide debt growth has gone geometric; there’s simply no way to pay it off. There will be subsequent massive debt defaults, either through inflationary devaluation of fiat currencies or by countries that simply accept the obvious and cut off the flow of debt repayment dollars.

Andy and I joke that the .45 caliber round may one day become the universal currency unit. But seriously, there will be much pain for you if you refuse to recognize the truth and embrace the concept of sound money. Therefore, your choice is simple, buy gold and silver at steeply discounted prices, or wait for your bank balance to become irrelevant. The crisis has spread to every continent in the world and there definitely wont be a Chinese White Knight riding to your rescue.

Lots of people thinking the same thing. I haven’t lost a nickle on ammo.

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