Taking Blue To The Extreme

September 19, 2013

The answers may surprise you – and don’t blame Coleman Young

How Detroit Went Bankrupt

The story of Detroit’s decline has been told and retold so many times now that you’d be forgiven for assuming there’s nothing more to say. But the Detroit Free Press has put together a new, comprehensive financial history of the city from 1950 to the present, gleaned from tens of thousands of pages of archival data on the city’s finances. It provides a much clearer picture of the city’s collapse than anything we’d seen before.

It appears that the city took all of the hallmarks of blue governance to extremes. For years, it tried to address its revenue shortfall by raising taxes, which drove residents out of the city and shrunk the tax base in the process. Detroit lost 61 percent of its residents between 1950 and 2010, and the total value of its property fell from a peak of $45 billion to $9.6 billion in 2012. Meanwhile, even as the city’s revenue base was imploding, public employee benefits remained generous and in some cases even expanded.

The Free Press notes that there were a few periods of hope during thee postwar period when the city’s finances were relatively strong, but each time the city squandered these opportunities and used its good standing to borrow more rather than address the core problems that got it in the mess in the first place. . . . The city has paid a heavy price. Today, Detroit has more pensioners than employees, and a debt that is more than twice what it had in 1960. It spends considerably more on police and fire retirees than active workers. And despite the fact that the city has the highest income and property taxes in Michigan—by a wide margin—the state’s inflation-adjusted revenue is lower than it was in 1960.

And the similarites to Obomba??? Do the math.

Why Obama’s Flacks Bullied a CBS Reporter(Sharyl Attkinson)

October 8, 2011

Something big is going on when the White House takes such drastic action against a reporter.

Free Press, haha!!!

President Obama’s press office bullies are in high gear, a sure sign that there are legs to the story about Attorney General Eric Holder’s potential perjury before the House Judiciary Committee.

CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson is doggedly pursuing the case, reporting that Holder knew about the Fast and Furious operation well before he said he did under oath last May, when he testified to the panel he’d just learned of it “over the last few weeks.” In fact, it appears, he was told about Fast and Furious in 2010.

A Justice Department spokeswoman and White House spokesman launched at Attkisson what few people realize is a routine Obama administration tactic – attempt to quash good journalism that’s bad for Obama by intimidating reporters. The idea is to get inside a reporter’s head and make them know that if they write something the White House doesn’t like, they’ll have to deal with the abuse.

Ultimately, it’s suppression of media speech, by the Obama regime, as if everyone didn’t know it already. I believe Obama is fully aware of the tactic, and in fact triggers it. So much for the lamestream media, and their “rah-rah Obama” for what they knew to be a dangerous candidate towards America all along. or is it what the media had in mind, destroy America by destroying the free market system.

Or you can see it for what it actually is, tyrannical, intimidating control of the press. Now we see the result of this, Obama lies with impunity, dingy Harry does away with the Senate filibuster … The free people and their freedoms are now at great risk by the Obama regime.

In the Fast and Furious case, they attacked Attkisson with the type of manufactured anger and foul language that many White House reporters will tell you is routine. I guess she was shocked, since she’s on the investigative beat and is not regularly in touch with the White House.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview in which she revealed the abuse to radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.

INGRAHAM: So they were literally screaming at you?

ATTKISSON: Yes. Well, the DOJ woman was just yelling at me. A guy from the White House-

INGRAHAM: Who was it?

ATTKISSON: On Friday night literally screamed at me and cussed at me-

INGRAHAM: Who was the person? Who was the person at Justice screaming?

ATTKISSON: Eric Schultz- oh, the person screaming was [DOJ spokeswoman] Tracy Schmaler. She was yelling, not screaming-

INGRAHAM: Oh, really?

ATKISSON: And the person who screamed at me was Eric Schultz at the White House.

ATTKISSON: They will tell you that I’m the only reporter — as they told me — that is not reasonable. They say ‘The Washington Post’ is reasonable, the ‘LA Times’ is reasonable, ‘The New York Times’ is reasonable I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it. And my side of the story is- and I never knew where this story was going when I talked to those whistle-blowers back in January and February and I didn’t care where it went. I’m just, sort of, digging away and going where it leads. But I’m sure they take it very personally, because it’s very important- they have very important implications.

Such tactics as this were rare in both the Clinton and Bush White Houses.

These Obama flacks are not just reacting with visceral anger to the story. They are specifically trained and encouraged to do this. Most of them are actually quite nice to be around when they’re not in ‘Kill the Story Mode’. Though it does take a certain type of ruthless person to pull this off. Let’s hope it doesn’t chill Sharyl’s reporting. Suppressing free speech is beyond the pale for any US President.

If Ms. Attkisson understands it’s nothing more than a tool being used against her, it shouldn’t affect her.

It should only affect her in that she should understand there’s a good reason they’re doing it: She’s onto something big and doing it in a way that scares them. The higher the volume of the screaming and the more sickening the language, the closer she’s getting.

At the root it is all about Obama’s “under the radar” plan to destroy the Second Amendment … He simply does not want this exposed? Is he prepared to do anything to stop it??

Journalists: When the Obama regime yells and cusses at you, you are being waved off a hot story the regime doesn’t want the public to know about. What would real journalists do???


Net Neutrality, Serving One Master, Soros Funded Free Press

June 4, 2011

Judicial Watch did the legwork on this breaking news.

Serving one master… the president. Not so, at least according to the findings of Judicial Watch, as reported by the Washington Examiner. They apparently were working with an independent group determined to ensure Uncle Sam kept a far less than invisible hand on the web.

Documents made public yesterday by Judicial Watch describe extensive collusion by Federal Communications Commission officials with a left-wing advocacy group in a campaign to expand government regulation of the Internet.

The documents, obtained by Judicial Watch in a December 2010 Freedom of Information Act request, were created after Democrat appointees solidified their 3-2 control of the agency in March 2009…

The coordination between FCC officials and Free Press, the advocacy group, supported a proposal for the agency to regulate access to the Internet as if it were a public utility, in the interest of ensuring “Net Neutrality.”

Naturally, Soros funds the stooge organization Free Press. You didn’t think anything the Obama regime did was for the people … Did You???

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