It’s Time to Come Home

October 28, 2013

Wayne Dupress writes …

21% of Americans in a 2012 Gallup Poll identify themselves as Liberal. This post is not for you. I am writing this piece for the millions of Americans who are not liberal, but have voted Democrat in the last couple election cycles. This article will have the best effect if readers cross post it to left leaning sites. I want to address people who don’t pay much attention to detail when it comes to politics and vote with their feelings. I used to be you. I want to talk to you about coming back home. Your interests involve all kinds of interesting and exciting subject matter, but politics is only for November. You watch Jon Stewart and Colbert at night and that’s about as close to news as you get. November rolls around and you remember all the old angry white men that want to starve out your Grandmother just so they can turn an evil profit for their corporate buddies. The racist GOP with their war on women and minorities is abhorrent, Chris Matthews says so. The evil insurance companies won’t even insure millions of Americans, thank goodness for the Affordable Care Act!


Going Back To Work

October 28, 2013

Seniors Going Back To Work to Salvage Their Retirement Nest Eggs, Says AMAC

Seniors who went back to work after retirement used to do it to keep busy, but the Obama Recession and the uncertainties of the Affordable Care Act have made it an economic necessity for more and more older Americans, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Two recent Gallup surveys show that there are more post-retirement job seekers out there than ever before, mainly because they’ve lost confidence in the economy. The historically destructive recession that started as the president took office and his inability to speed up the recovery have seniors scrambling for ways to salvage what’s left of their retirement. Bear in mind that while the net worth of all Americans has declined sharply during this period, seniors have been hardest hit.”


Assessing The Government Shutdown … The Long Term

October 15, 2013

Some things you may have missed in the polls.

This chart is a real stunner …


Read the full article … Deeply troubling trends on attitudes toward government: What you may have missed in the polls

Only 13% of the American people think government is a positive effect in their lives.

Turn On Our Government

September 25, 2013

Over 2 in 3 Americans now say …. Americans Turn on Washington; 68% Say Wrong Track in Poll…

The guage of Americans, and how they feel.

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Made In America, It’s Coming Back!!!

September 24, 2013

Here’s looking at you … If the windmills don’t get you first.eagle-looks

By Americans … gather’s steam, just don’t buy their Chinese made junk…::: ‘Made in America’ revival gathers pace…

The ‘Made in America’ revival is gaining momentum with a majority of manufacturing executives now ready to consider pulling some production back from China.

A new survey published Tuesday showed a big jump in recent months in the number of companies considering “re-shoring” production from China, once favored for its low costs.

And belief in Big Government, and it’s free cheese, is failing…::: GALLUP: Americans’ Belief That Gov’t Is Too Powerful Hits Record High…

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Trust Going Down The Drain

September 14, 2013

Hopey Changey UPDATE…::: Gallup: Public’s trust in federal government to handle problems reaches 40-year low. “Lower than it was after Watergate, lower than it was at the nadir of Bush’s job approval collapse. Obama promised he’d bring change, and he delivered.”

Hopey-Changey Tyranny is not welcome in America … Transformation going badly for the shuck and jive crowd.

Stand Up!!!

September 13, 2013

If you stamd for something …::: Congress sees bump in approval rating after resisting Syria action:

A new Gallup poll released Thursday found a 5-percentage-point increase in Congress’s popularity to 19 percent.

Imagine what would happen if you opposed everything Obomba. How about we start with the unconstituional Obamacare…

Leading from behind proves major bear hug for our little imcompetent Obomba clown.



And reflecting …. Our clown. and this ain’t no rodeo …


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