Nope, Tricked … By Progressives Again

September 11, 2013

Four In Ten College Grads Don’t Need A Degree For Their Work.

A majority of American workers have jobs that do not require a college degree, according to a new Gallup poll. This finding wouldn’t be particularly surprising if it were only blue-collar workers saying this, but the poll also found that four in ten college grads agreed that they don’t need a college degree for the work they do.

It’s not exactly a shock at this point that college grads haven’t been able to make the most of their degrees, but when nearly half of the country’s college students are wasting money on degrees that they believe have done nothing to prepare them for their jobs, there’s obviously a problem.

These findings can’t be chalked up entirely to undergraduates’ poor choices; college degrees have increasingly become prerequisites for jobs that could easily be performed by high school grads. In many cases, employers are just looking to a college degree as a quick signifier of an applicant’s determination and work ethic, not as a sign of skills learned.

Perhaps there’s a way to reform the employment system so we stop wasting time and money on degrees that are only useful as behavioral signifiers. What would this kind of reform look like?

For starters, it would seek to separate training from education, so that students could accomplish the former as quickly and conveniently as possible without necessarily taking on the latter. This likely means a shift away from the four-year college model for many, toward something that looks more like vocational training, with a greater focus on specific skills and less focus on campus life and subject diversity.

Next, it would reduce dumb bachelor’s degree requirements, so that job seekers and employers could be brought together based on aptitude and achievement tests rather than meaningless but expensive paper credentials.

Old-school academics may balk at these general ideas, but they shouldn’t; none of this has to mean the end of classical education as we know it.

So maybe this is why you can’t get jobs, no one what you have. Women studies grads hardest hit.

Hey it’s just a joke.

Well Isn’t This Rich

August 23, 2013



When will O be back on Leno, to say it isn’t so. Or knock down Ben Afleck as the new Batman.

I assumed the duped still hold out hope that Conservatives did this.

“Millennials” — Your adorations of O are widely misplaced.

Another useful article … Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution

32% of the respondents in the latest Gallup poll still don’t know what Obamacare is … I assume those are the signers of the Ben Afleck As Batman petition.

Why they are pedalling so fast to sell you, Americans Still Wary of, Not Too Familiar With, Health Law

Might at all be that those who are unaware, are the ones who will join those that are aware? The ones Obama wants to reach with his free education spiel? Or are they just to frightened to say so …

What free cheese has brought. Worked for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela too, but the free cheese never came. I wonder why? Why do I keep mentioned O’s best friend Hugo, well you know, right?

They Give Up On Their Dream

August 18, 2013

After O got what he wanted from them … Keep the HOAX alive … BARACK OBAMA’S LOST YOUTH : The president’s approval rating is falling faster among young people than any other group. Will Republicans capitalise on it?


In TEXAS we had words for that … All hat, no cattle. Didn’t your parents teach you that kiddies?

The “go along, to get along” Republicans and making the same mistake the WHIGS made in the 1850s with slavery.

How About We Try This First

August 16, 2013

A Very good piece by BYRON YORK: Fractured GOP Struggles To Exploit Obama’s Weakness. Focus On Conservatism … How about we don’t nominate anyone who cannot turn out the base … We have a big choice out there right now.

The opposite has  been tried twice, McCain, Romney, with disastrous results. Embrace the Tea Party. It’s ready made for victory.

Republicans are buzzing about a new Gallup poll showing public approval of President Obama’s handling of the economy has fallen to 35 percent, while disapproval has risen to an astonishing 62 percent. With showdowns coming over Obamacare, spending, and debt, the president’s weakness could create a huge opportunity for the GOP. But the fact is, Republicans are too disorganized, splintered, and unfocused to take advantage of it.

Defund Obamacare, a near exact polling says support has plummeted …put up a fight, if you have any left in the Republican PARTY … Go along to get along … That was tried with the WHIGS … Where the people did not want slavery, and the go along get along WHIGS went right along with the Democrats and that beget the Civil War. Once the Supreme Court stood for the Constitution And then came the awful Dred Scott decision, that opened the doors.

So you see kiddies the Supreme Court does not always do the right thing, they become political.

It’s all you folks in the Republican Party have left. Don’t do it, bye bye … Listen to the people.

Poll: 85% of Americans Dissatisfied with Government’s Handling of Nation’s Finances

July 12, 2013

Remember when it was only the Tea Party complaining about out of control Federal Budget? Well looks like they have picked up a whole bunch of friends. A new Gallup poll shows that a large majority of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the federal government’s handling of numerous economic-related issues, with 85% of people dissatisfied in particular with the government’s handling of the nation’s finances.

While the poll showed strong satisfaction for government’s management of natural disasters, national parks, and homeland security, for the 19 issues queried about by the poll, Americans were dissatisfied with government’s handling of 13 of them in majorities that ranged from 56% to 85%.

You got to dig deep because of the opinion and bias … But you can figure it out if you try.



July 10, 2013

Big Government tyranny rears it’s ugly head … You want to know what tyranny looks like, the kind Obama warned you not to look for, but the kind he reigns over …. Yes this is what it looks like …

And people are noticing it.

A majority of Americans said they believe the federal government today wields too much power, a Gallup Daily tracking survey released Monday indicated.

The 54 percent that expressed that belief, however, is only slightly higher than reported in 2012 and slightly lower than reported in 2010 and 2011, Gallup said.

Only 8 percent of Americans said they thought the federal government has “too little” power, while 36 percent said the government has about the right amount of power, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency said.

Results indicated more than twice as many Republicans as Democrats said the government has too much power, 76 percent to 32 percent.


62% Come Down Against Obama IRS Scandal

June 8, 2013

You figured out what tyranny your parents were telling you about yet? Seems you are getting it.

Gallup poll ... 62-32.

A clear majority of independents, and even a plurality of Democrats, believe high-ranking IRS officials were aware of the agency’s harassment of conservatives’ political organizing, according to a new Gallup poll.

Sixty-two percent of adults disapprove of his handling of the IRS scandal, said the Gallup poll. Only 32 percent of adults approve of his reaction to the scandal.

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