Gas Prices Have Biggest Daily Jump In 6 Months

July 12, 2013

Alls well, do not worry Obama is in …

Do not worry, we are told on a daily basis, the rise in crude oil prices is transitory and won’t affect gas prices and implicitly the US consumer’s pocket book (already ravaged by spiking mortgage rates). Well, sorry to burst that little fantasy but gas prices in the last few days have surged (up 9c in 4 days). In fact today’s jump is the largest in six months and pushes regular close to its all-time high for this time of year. Arguing not to worry as gas prices are more sensitive to Brent is a non-starter as it is very evident, despite the export of WTI, that gas prices are tracking the higher prices of crude oil and if history is any guide – with regard the lead-lag from crude to wholesale gasoline to retail, gas prices will be at new all-time highs for this time of year within the next month.



Gas Prices, UP, UP And Away!!!

July 12, 2013

Gas prices expected to surge again soon: Unrest in Egypt and declining U.S. inventories are driving wholesale prices up. Pump prices will soon follow.

Economy which is now on STOP, will soon be FULL STOP.


Gasoline Prices Dip Again, Bringing Hopes for Relief: AAA [Media helps BO, says lower than ‘ 08]

April 8, 2013

Forget that gasoline has doubled, and now stands at $3.79 (locally).

Who needs a steenking pipeline, we have our Obama. Why drill when gasoline is so low.

Hey look we have even met our Kyoto deadlines, our economy is so sick. Dead economy.

From the shills at NBC:

Gasoline prices, which have been on a near-relentless surge since late 2012, may be showing tentative signs of easing, data from the AAA showed on Tuesday.

The automobile group said in its Daily Fuel Gauge report that the current national average for regular unleaded gasoline prices was $3.70, down 3 cents from last week and nearly 10 cents lower than a year ago.

That fall represented two consecutive weeks of decline, according to AAA.

If we were to drill, I would bet the Islamist’s would lower gasoline even lower in price. Why should a country with more fossil fuels that any other be so beholding to these Arab killers? You tell me?


Gas Prices Crack $4 Per Gallon

March 5, 2013

Election over gas prices go back up …up up and away. At $5 a gallon, what then.

Low information voters and Wal-Mart shoppers hardest hit. Don’t need no more Bush’s. Jeb Bush was any good for Florida AND THE USA doesn’t want any more Bush’s. He is worse than the last one. His wife is the AMNESTY woman.

Prices at some South Florida gas stations are cracking $4 per gallon and likely will keep rising into April. This month is poised to close as the February with the highest gas prices ever, travel club AAA said.

“I don’t like it,” said motorist Susan Mohr, 54, of Deerfield Beach, as the charity volunteer grouped her errands to try to conserve gas on her rounds. “The price needs to go down.”

On Monday, the price of a gallon of regular gas averaged $3.94 in Broward County and $3.96 in Palm Beach County. That’s up at least six cents from last week and at least 43 cents from a month ago. It’s also at least 13 cents per gallon more expensive than a year ago, AAA said.

more here …

32 Days Of Higher Gas Prices Just Tough!

February 18, 2013

Oh yeah, higher crude oil prices, cause higher home heating bills.

Remember when Mitt Romney promised to lower gas prices, by drilling and putting in the Keystone XL pipeline? And you low information voters, elected the doofus as well?

So now pay for your stupidity. Enjoy your expensive freebies…

Obummer’s gas prices are going up up and away. As Obummer has done nothing. No new drilling no new pipelines … but we get Obummer telling us he will act on the global warming myth. Rather Congress does or not. So gas prices will go higher.

That means that the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has increased more than 13% over that period to $3.73.

It’s hitting wallets right in the middle of winter, when people are already looking at large home heating bills. And it comes just after many Americans have been hit with smaller paychecks, and are worried about looming budget cuts that could deliver an even deeper blow.

What’s behind the higher prices at the pump? It’s a confluence of factors, from rising crude oil prices, to production cuts and refinery closings.

“Right now, things are tight worldwide,” said Ray Carbone, president of New York commodities trading firm Paramount Options. “Refineries going down, unanticipated maintenance, and higher demand … going into driving season.”

Oh yeah budget cuts do not effect crude prices … Just AP drivel.

Cool how that works. Obummer does nothing his EPA adds new regulations, and you pay more at the pump. Got it yet.

The average price of a gallon of gas has increased 96 percent since President Barack Obama first took office in 2009, according to figures from the Energy Information Agency.

Gas Prices Up Above $4 Again

February 1, 2013

No sooner is the elction is over, now looky, there goes your gas prices. amazing  ….

Hold on to your wallets: we are in the middle of a gas price spike, and experts say it will only get worse.

CBS 2′s Courtney Gousman learned several factors might push the price in our area to more than $4 a gallon.

It’s now become a task most people dread — pulling up to the pump.

“I never know depending on the day,” said motorist Carrie Secrist.

This Chart Implies Something Very Troubling About The Price Of Gas

December 5, 2012

Crude oil prices account for about 66 percent of the price of gasoline, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Granted, other factors play a role in deciding the price we pay at the pump, including taxes and the cost of distribution, but it’s clear that the price of crude directly affects the price of gas. As crude oil increases in price, the price of gasoline tends to increase. Likewise, when markets are calm and the price of crude oil decreases, the price of gasoline decreases.

With that in mind, take a look at the following chart and try to make sense of what’s going on:


The price of gas is represented by the light grey line and the price of oil by the dark black line (zero hedge)

See that? Although the price of crude has fallen in recent months, as the above chart clearly indicates, the price of gasoline remains at a record high.

“Anecdotally, it feels like when oil prices rise, gas prices at the pump rise; but when turmoil pauses in global geo-politics – or some entity decides that high oil prices just will not do for the world’s economy – gas prices at the pump seem not to drop so quickly,” writers are Zero Hedge note.

“Yes there are pipeline, inventory (and even tax) issues but the chart suggests ‘gouging’ on a national level,” they add.

It’s also worth noting that what we’re seeing today with the price of gasoline and crude is eerily similar to what we saw right before the economic collapse of 2008.

What say you???

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