Socialism, Let’s Review Venezuela

March 10, 2013

For some reason or another, a growing number of individuals, who resent the wealthy, the well-to-do, the affluent and those who have a great deal of success, picture a fantastic utopia where everyone is wealthy, everyone has an expensive home and everyone is employed.

As history has depicted as well as the present state of Venezuela, this is far from the truth.

Whether it’s ignorance, delusions or misinformation, the likes of Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and former President Jimmy Carter should live in these countries that do not embrace capitalism, free markets and even freedom.

Unfortunately, Chavez’s reign of terror will be viewed as a heroic endeavor that created unprecedented prosperity. Soon, akin to fellow socialists and communists such as Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Kim Jong-il, Chavez will be a folk hero and appear on t-shirts around the world, which will be sported by uninformed hipsters and teenagers everywhere.

Here are 20 consequences of Hugo Chavez’s economic policies that led to poverty ….

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Tribute To Chavez

March 9, 2013

Wearing red berets and shedding fake tears, Glenn Beck and company on Friday paid “tribute” to the late notorious Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

It was during Beck’s radio program Friday morning that Chavez was eulogized. Beck covered all of the socialist leader’s “achievements,” including runaway inflation and food shortages.

“It is fitting that after making the Venezuelan healthcare system the envy of the entire planet Hugo Chavez refused to utilize it leaving more space available for the people he loved and he left a lot of space. The specialist kidney unit in Caracas has been completely empty for nearly a year. No one is there. Not a single patient. Doctors have been turning patients away ever since the hospital’s water treatment plant broke down months ago,” co-host Pat Gray said. “Fortunately Hugo, whom we just lost, made no one with kidney failure had to put up with a hospital with less than stellar water treatment.”

Then it was Beck’s turn to remember Chavez. He went on to deliver a sarcastic and mocking eulogy.

“Venezuela, no the world, has lost a great leader, has lost a great dictator and fabulous strongman. Hugo Chavez’s fourteen year of reign of wonderful socialism and heavy-handed oppression came to an end earlier this week,” Beck said.

He continued:

“Sure there have been shortages of basic goods and water rationing and blackouts. And despite nearly $1 trillion in oil revenue the nation is on the verge of collapse which will bring the opportunity for the Venezuelan people to be even closer. More togetherness for the people that he loved so dearly.”


“Through his corruption an ineptitude, Hugo was was able to oversee a massive increase in the murder rate from 25 per 1,000 to 45.1 per 100,000 in 2011. He nearly doubled the murder rate, thus helping Venezuelans get in touch with how life is precious is. Now they don’t take a single minute, a single stroll in the park, sending their kids off to school for granted. It might be the last stroll they ever take.”

Watch the hilarious segment via TheBlaze TV


March 7, 2013

Clowns to the left; Jokers to the right.

Here we are; stuck in the middle. We play to win and win we shall but sometimes I look at it all and shake my head. The deceit of manufactured debt to GDP ratios in Europe, the complete deception of America’s CPI numbers and the political lies bandied about daily like they were some form of truth when they don’t even mirror a distorted view of reality. This morning I wandered into my living room and sat down on the floor; just sat there. Now I am not a yoga kind of guy and I wasn’t asking for Divine guidance, though maybe that would have helped, but I just sat there and took a measure of the world.

We are faced with the corollary of the famous maxim; “It is not who votes that matters but who counts the votes that matters.” It is not the numbers but who devises them and then applies them that matters. It isn’t magic but trickery and you and I are the audience.

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Low information Obama voters, put your helmets on. Because if the grocery store prices hasn’t already told you what’s in store, well I don’t know that to say. You may want to tighten your chin strap just to be safe. Let the devaluation games begin.

Chavez IS Still Dead

March 6, 2013

In the usual commie standard of succession, the next is already picked. But will elections held.

CBS reports ….

Even in death, Hugo Chavez’s orders are being followed. The man he anointed to succeed him, Vice President Nicolas Maduro, will continue to run Venezuela as interim president and be the governing socialists’ candidate in an election to be called within 30 days.

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua confirmed those plans Tuesday, just hours after Maduro, tears running down his face, announced the death of Chavez, the larger-than-life former paratroop officer who had presided over Venezuela as virtually a one-man show for more than 14 years.

It was not immediately clear when the presidential vote would be held.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez and his Legacy of Plunder

March 6, 2013

Now the truth comes out ……. How is the latest great paradise lost?

How Hugo Chavez, the commie demagogue, destroyed Venezuela, blue print for Obama’s America, our very own dictator in chief.


Hugo Chávez’s folksy charm and forceful personality made him an extraordinary politician. His enviable ability to win a mass following allowed him to build a powerful political machine that kept him in office from February of 1999 until his death on Tuesday. But as a national leader, he was an abject failure who plunged Venezuela into a political and economic abyss.

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Well No Sooner Than I Posted One Shows Up: Dem Congressman Mourns Death of Hugo Chavez: “RIP Mr. President”

March 5, 2013

Jose Serrano is a Democratic congressman who represents the South Bronx of New York City (the 15th District). He is also an imbecile.

Upon hearing the news of the death of Hugo Chavez, the tyrannical “President” of Venezuela, Serrano could not hold back his thoughts and emotions. He quickly went to twitter and posted this comment:

Making certain that no one would misunderstand his sadness, Serrano released an official statement entitled “Chavez Changed the Conversation In Latin America” on his government website.

Serrano explained, in part:

“I met President Chavez in 2005 when he came to my district at my invitation. His focus on the issues faced by the poor and disenfranchised in his country made him a truly revolutionary leader in the history of Latin America. He understood that after 400 years on the outside of the established power structure looking in, it was time that the poor had a chance at seeing their problems and issues addressed. His core belief was in the dignity and common humanity of all people in Venezuela and in the world.”

To think that a man this impossibly stupid has become an elected official in our nation is both baffling and horrifying. Then again, Congress is full of fools.


March 5, 2013

Another commie dies, and only other commies care. Venezuela is now a wrecked, once free country. Word to the wise.

President Hugo Chavez, the fiery populist who declared a socialist revolution in Venezuela, crusaded against U.S. influence and championed a leftist revival across Latin America, died Tuesday at age 58 after a nearly two-year bout with cancer.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro, surrounded by other government officials, announced the death in a national television broadcast. He said Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. local time.

During more than 14 years in office, Chavez polarized Venezuelans with his confrontational and domineering style, yet was also a masterful communicator and strategist who tapped into Venezuelan nationalism to win broad support, particularly among the poor.

As an army paratroop commander, he led a failed coup in 1992, then was pardoned and elected president in 1998. He survived a coup against his own presidency in 2002 and won re-election two more times.

Despite his controversial and questionable politics, Chavez electrified crowds with his booming voice, often wearing the bright red of his United Socialist Party of Venezuela or the fatigues and red beret of his army days. Before his struggle with cancer, he appeared on television almost daily, talking for hours at a time and often breaking into song of philosophical discourse.

The poor who voted for him, went from living decently to a life of utter squalor. Chavez stole all the oil money he could stash while the poor waited for hours for a ration of milk. Learn the lesson well.

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