Are You Surprised?

October 29, 2013


Violence Reverses Gains in Iraq

“A flurry of recent attacks by al Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq—strengthened by their alliance with jihadist fighters in Syria—is threatening to undo years of U.S. efforts to crush the group, widening sectarian conflict in the Middle East.”

When even Russia knows, big trouble.


Guess Not

October 28, 2013

As another balloon goes pop …. Al-Qaeda shakes Iraq with surge of violence…

Back from the dead, that was quick.

Lets Stop Pretending

September 11, 2013

Siding with al Qaeda is the last straw …::: Mother Jones: Let’s Please Stop Pretending That Obama is Reluctant to Take Military Action.

Mother Jones reports:

Obama has (a) escalated twice in Afghanistan, (b) massively ramped up the drone war in Pakistan and expanded it to Yemen, (c) joined NATO’s air strikes against Libya, and (d) is now asking Congress to approve a punitive military mission against Syria.

No, none of this matches Iraq in the annals of military folly. And who knows? Maybe history will judge that these were all good decisions. Still, I think it’s about time to acknowledge that Obama is hardly “reluctant” to take military action.

After all, the merchants of death do give big money to the Democrats. And they happily take it, just don’t let anyone else see you doing it.

Obomba : Splattered All Over The Global Chessboard

September 10, 2013

Splat, like a bug on the windshield. Apparently they took the Alynsky class, and are not as easily fooled as the little kiddies in the USA.

Really, you think : Washington Post: Obama Administration’s Message On Syria Is Muddled.

Related: Syria Resolution Is No Cinch In The Senate.

And an extra : Four Pinocchios For Kerry’s Claim That He Opposed Bush’s Invasion Of Iraq. He was against it after he was for it.

Lurch, Truth is your friend, before blurting it out, like in the old days, use google.

We better tell Genghis John the war is off, so take off the costume.


Did anybody ever tell you how foolish you look trying to act like you know what you are talking about to your European friends. Even with your new chin?

His Swaggering Words

September 4, 2013

The Syria debacle and the lessons of Iraq.Did we learn anything from the Democracy Project? Apparently Not … If you use the President’s logic, why not invade N. Korea, Large parts of China, And anybody else with chemical weapons in they’re arsenals. And other dictators around the world.

At least be consistent.

Can we invade them all, by the logic of our Federal Government we cannot invade them, because they just kill people the old slow way. But you use the new quick way, here we come.

Make sense to you???

Has anybody asked what do we do whan the terrorists in Syria get the WMD stockpiles???

JAMES TARANTO: Obama’s Cakewalk:

The appeal of Barack Obama in 2008 lay not only in his status as the only serious Democratic candidate to have opposed the war from the outset, but also in the belief that his conciliatory rhetoric, along with his “multicultural” identity (black, with Muslim ancestors and an Arabic middle name to boot!) would “restore our moral standing,” as the future president put it in his nomination speech, and usher in “a new beginning,” as he announced in Cairo in June 2009.

Obama’s supporters would now have us believe that his swaggering words are as powerful as his soothing ones were supposed to have been. . . .

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No, Really?

September 3, 2013

And where are they now … SHOCKER ::: Research: 2000s anti-war movement was really just anti-Republican. ya think?

How could they tell? Turn off the the boob box … It’s designed to make you stupid …

We Now Have A New Standard For Bombing Other Country’s

September 2, 2013

Bush, of the dumb war clan

  • Got the UN onboard in Iraq
  • Bush had over 40 country’s in his war coalition
  • Bush had the Congress approve a resoultion of war

Obama, of the smart diplomacy clan

  • his coalition has France, maybe, they have yet to have a formal vote.
  • The UN, well Obama says has too many obstacles.
  • Congrees is fighting over to fight or not

But our Peace prize winner is conflicted over what to do.

Which looks dumb to you? And what evidence of who did what to whom? Well we got John (anti-war) Kerry trying to tell us they found evidence of Sarin Gas? Who found it? Where? When?

Cause I herard the terrorist in Syria seized a military chemical weapons stash.

Tough to figure who did what the UN says.

Why not just take Obama’s word for it. The President would not lie, again?

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