Were The Black Flags Of Islamic Jihad Flying in NYC

September 24, 2013

Sure looks like it … They are called the flag of the Islamic Khilafah ….::: WERE ‘BLACK FLAGS OF JIHAD’ FLYING OVER NYC’S MUSLIM DAY PARADE?

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As The World Turns, More Muslim Killings

September 23, 2013

John Hindracker: Two Muslim Outrages. One in Kenya, one in Pokistaaan.

Religion of pieces.

Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities …

Gun control is the answer. I am amazed Israel hasn’t tried that? Or hand grenade control. Or rocket control. If we couild save just one life.

Yes is the answer…

Target People Who Are Not Muslim

September 21, 2013

Why is Islam so violent ::: Gunmen Target Non-Muslims in Mall Attack…

Gunmen threw grenades and opened fire Saturday killing at least 22 people in an attack targeting non-Muslims at an upscale mall in Kenya’s capital that was hosting a children’s day event, a Red Cross official and witnesses said.


So Tell Us …

September 20, 2013

Yes tell us why…::: Why did Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis create a website called “Mohammed Salem”?

NBC News quoting law enforcement officials revealed Thursday that Aaron Alexis, who murdered 12 people in the Washington Navy Yard this week, created a webpage in the name of “Mohammed Salem.” The officials said “he never did anything with it” and they found nothing else that “might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even Islam.”

So how would they describe the deadly attack on the Navy facility – if not “violent jihad?”

Million Muslim March … FIZZLES OUT

September 11, 2013

Muslims, trying to poke Americans in the eye again …::: ‘Million Muslim March’ Shaping Up To Be More Like A Few Hundred People Walking Down The Street


You Knew This Is What Islam Teaches, Don’t You??

September 10, 2013

Surely you knew, ddin’t the lamestream media tell you whats in the Koran???…::: Syrian Rebels To Christians: Convert to Islam Or Die! And why didn’t they???

Assad may be a bad guy who used chemical weapons, but the rebels in Syria are even worse.

If you didn’t know. you soon will. Sure turn in your guns to Big Government, then you will be defenseless.

This caliphate building For Our Obomba is getting complicated. Just hope the American people don’t notice what is really going on …

So This Is How It Now Works???

September 9, 2013


Report: DC denies permit for 9/11 bikers; Planners move ahead anyway…

BREAKING >> Washington DC Denied Permit For “2 Million Biker Ride In DC” but approved “Million Muslim March”

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